Backslash - The easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin ...

Check out Backslash, the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin

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Backslash launches payment links: an easier way to receive Bitcoin

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Backslash Launches Its Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin(/Dogecoin) Wallet

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10-03 09:42 - '**TL;DR:** Type in ¯\\\\\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ for proper formatting / Actual reply: / For the / ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ / like you were trying for you need three backslashes, so it should look like this when you type it out / ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ / whic...' by /u/Shrugfacebot removed from /r/Bitcoin within 980-985min

TL;DR: Type in ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ for proper formatting
Actual reply:
For the
like you were trying for you need three backslashes, so it should look like this when you type it out
which will turn out like this
The reason for this is that the underscore character (this one _ ) is used to italicize words just like an asterisk does (this guy * ). Since the "face" of the emoticon has an underscore on each side it naturally wants to italicize the "face" (this guy (ツ) ). The backslash is reddit's escape character (basically a character used to say that you don't want to use a special character in order to format, but rather you just want it to display). So your first "\_" is just saying "hey, I don't want to italicize (ツ)" so it keeps the underscore but gets rid of the backslash since it's just an escape character. After this you still want the arm, so you have to add two more backslashes (two, not one, since backslash is an escape character, so you need an escape character for your escape character to display--confusing, I know). Anyways, I guess that's my lesson for the day on reddit formatting lol
CAUTION: Probably very boring edit as to why you don't need to escape the second underscore, read only if you're super bored or need to fall asleep.
Edit: The reason you only need an escape character for the first underscore and not the second is because the second underscore (which doesn't have an escape character) doesn't have another underscore with which to italicize. Reddit's formatting works in that you need a special character to indicate how you want to format text, then you put the text you want to format, then you put the character again. For example, you would type _italicize_ or *italicize* in order to get italicize. Since we put an escape character we have \_italicize_ and don't need to escape the second underscore since there's not another non-escaped underscore with which to italicize something in between them. So technically you could have written ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ but you don't need to since there's not a second non-escaped underscore. You would need to escape the second underscore if you planned on using another underscore in the same line (but not if you used a line break, aka pressed enter twice). If you used an asterisk later though on the same line it would not work with the non-escaped underscore to italicize. To show you this, you can type _italicize* and it should not be italicized.
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Article: Backslash launches its peer-to-peer Bitcoin wallet

Backslash launches its peer-to-peer Bitcoin wallet
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Backslash Launches Its Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin & Dogecoin Wallet

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Backslash launches payment links: an easier way to receive Bitcoin

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Check out Backslash, the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin

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I'm Giving Away 0.5BTC to Whoever Finds My Lost Electrum Password

A little over a year ago, on 10/22/2016, the price of bitcoin was going up, and the size of the blockchain was growing like crazy, so I decided to transfer a 10.511 BTC wallet I had on a thumb drive from a Bitcoin Core wallet to Electrum (I knew I soon wouldn't have enough space on my HDD for the entire blockchain, which Core requires.) So I fired up Electrum, copied down the addresses, and transferred all 10.511 BTC.
One minute later, my heart sank, and I realized what a complete moron I was - this was a wallet I had setup when i first installed Electrum a year earlier, and I had NO IDEA what the password or seed words were.
So now I have 10.511 BTC stuck in an Electrum 2.8.3 (EDIT - I see 2.8.3 now, but that didn't even exist on 8/4/2015, so I must've upgraded at some point - SEE BELOW) wallet that I have no access to whatsoever. I've heard that there are people on bitcoin with cracking capabilities, so I wanted to give the community a shot.
Here's how this will work. I've extracted partial-MPK data from the extract script I received from btcrecover, a popular password recovery program. With this, you can check passwords. Whoever posts or pm's me the correct password first (along with their receiving address) will receive 0.5 BTC from the following address - 1EoKwutew3rfmKbsNcmi53qMRe84v2Cj4H (one of the five addresses in this wallet that makes up the total 10.511 BTC)
Electrum2 partial encrypted master private key, iv, and crc in base64:
For use in btcrecover:
For use with JohnTheRipper:
As far as hints go, here's what I'm 99% sure of:
Or any of the following 6 characters:
1 ! ` ~ ' (backslash - reddit won't display it) 
So those are about all the clues I have. I recommend someone trying a dictionary attack first, and then brute-forcing it. I promise, promise promise I will deliver 0.5BTC to whoever finds the password. I'm recovering 10BTC on top of that, so 0.5BTC is a reasonable price to pay for my idiotic mistake.
Good luck, and Happy Holidays!
. . .
Edit: I will check back every few hours and try all the passwords posted - please don't take random guesses... use btcrecover or John The Ripper to find the actual password using the partial encrypted master private key, iv, and crc in base64 that I posted above (I have to check all these, after all...)
Edit 2: Tried all the passwords posted in this thread until 1:34am EST. Going to bed for now, but will check back in the morning.
EDIT 3: Some people are pointing out that the version doesn't make any sense, since 2.8.3 didn't exist when I created the wallet. You're, right, this version came out in 2017. I am sorry I got this wrong - I've been looking at Electrum 2.8.3 for the past year or so, as I've been trying to open this thing, so I assumed that was it, but its not. All I know is, I downloaded Electrum for the first time on this computer on 8/4/2015 at around 4am EST. Does anyone know what version that is? If its 1.X, PLEASE tell me so I can update the partial encrypted master private key above, as the one above I used an extract script for 2.X!!!
EDIT 4: I'm 99% certain you will find the password if you brute force lowercase letters a-z, after removing some "non-interesting" letters like z,q, etc. Its just about which letters to guess. The ONLY numbers that could POSSIBLY be at the end are "15". So either it ends in 15 or it doesn't, there's no way I'd use any other numbers. So please, whoever has access to a large bank of CPU's, PLEASE try using btcrecover (or better yet, JTR) to try a-z, minus some less-popular characters. Possibly the letters ""a b c d e f i k l m n o r s t w y", but I could be missing some. Also, PLEASE POST YOUR BITCOIN ADDRESS ALONG WITH YOUR ANSWER! I will send you coins from 1EoKwutew3rfmKbsNcmi53qMRe84v2Cj4H, one of the addresses in the locked wallet.
Finally, I just want to be clear - I will give the 0.5 BTC reward to whoever helps me open this wallet - whether they figured out some crazy technical workaround, find the password itself, or gave me hints that allowed me to discover the password myself, whoever helps me unlock these funds first will be rewarded.
EDIT 5: Some people are curious as to whether this is indeed my wallet. Yes, it is: the first 0.1BTC I sent to the wallet on 8/4/2015 was sent directly to this wallet from my Coinbase account. Proof:
EDIT 6 - MAKING PROGRESS BABY! If you're using btcrecover, please put this in your token file:
 ^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^2^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^3^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^4^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^5^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^6^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^7^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^8^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] ^9^%[abcdefiklmnorstuwy] 15$ 
Add as many lines as you think there are digits (probably 9-12), remembering to change the number of the line in the beginning, and change the group of letters that you think might be included in the pw. THE LESS LETTERS YOU INCLUDE, THE GREATER THE LENGTH YOU CAN CHECK. Please remember to add the tags "--no-eta" and "--no-dupchecks" so you don't run out of memory. Unfortunately my machine can only do 600kP/s, so I can't find it myself, but someone with access to a lot of servers can probably find the password very quickly!!!
EDIT 7 - Making a bit of progress, very very slowly. Here's an important clue: when I created this wallet, which, remember, was the very first Electrum wallet I ever created, I would have made sure to add enough complexity so that the complexity meter below the password input box says "Strong". I would've never clicked Continue if the complexity-indicator said I "Weak" or "Medium". So if there's some way to ignore ALL "Weak" or "Medium" passwords, that could speed up the search significantly. It looks like if you use just lowercase a-z, when you add a single "!" at the end for increased complexity, the minimum total characters that gets you a "Strong" password is 12 ((a-z)x11 + "!"). Nobody's been searching for this quite yet, because 11 characters is a lot, and it could be more. The only way I see this happening is if you do a hybrid dictionary+brute force attack, of if you substantially cut down on the number of letters tested by eliminating "uninteresting" letters like q, z, v, x, etc. Based on everything, I think the total is at least 12 characters, but no more than 16, and contains a special character at the end (such as !, 1, ~, (~ if you don't hold shift, reddit won't display it), ', or \ - these are the 6 special characters I usually use by themselves at the end of a password - ' and \ because they're right next to Enter on a standard US keyboard, and ! or 1 (or !1 or 1! together) or ` or ~ because they're my go-to's).
I've also looked through my photo archive from that time period and found a DIFFERENT seed for a wallet I made on Aug. 18th, 2015 (crunch sunny range evoke rapid use bubble gloom pill gossip blanket tired accident - there's about 3 bucks in there for whoever wants it). The password for this wallet was originally "testtesttest".
EDIT 8 - Still no password as of 12/12/2017, and this will be my last edit. If you find the password, PM me.
EDIT 9 - I will update this page as soon as the password is found. If you are seeing this message, it means the password has not yet been found.
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I just paid $1 on a $9 BTC transaction. WTF?

Seriously. Registered a new web domain, paid in bitcoin. Would have been cheaper to send gold bullion via a raven.
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Bitcoin Core v0.13.2 tagged!

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If Bitcoin Unlimited prevails, will /r/Bitcoin prohibit advocacy of the new altcoin Bitcoin Core?

The right place to ask this question would be /Bitcoin, but if I did, I would likely be banned for life.
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[ELI5] Extracting Privkeys from QT/Core

We have a constant stream of people coming back after abandoning Dogecoin and the sub in 2014 when the price fell. These people all have old versions of QT and are now basically trying to recover their coins, presumably to cash out and abandon us again. This is causing strain for the network, as far more people are trying to leech blocks than seed them.
The thing is, none of this is necessary. Especially if you're just going to dump coins. With resources such as all you need are your private keys, and you can create, sign and broadcast transactions yourself. No client required, let alone one as resource-hungry as QT.

"So, how do I get my keys?"

First of all, lets talk about data management. The overwhelming majority of coins are not lost through theft, especially direct theft of wallets (as distinct from wholesale thefts/scams/implosions like Moolah, GAW, MtGox, Cryptsy, and even our own beloved Dogetipbot). Most coins are lost because people forget about their wallets and do silly things like reformat hard drives, lose passwords and so on.
So, everyone should have a wallet list. Here is a sample bit of HTML that gives you a page with two columns of wallets, one for local wallets you would withdraw coins to, the other the third-party wallets you would deposit coins to third parties through (do note that many services use temporary addresses generated for deposits which expire after 24h or so). A page like this is how I manage my 100+ wallets, and I have copies on my network and hidden online. Such a page makes it easy to at least keep track of all your wallets, for a trivial amount of work to set up.
 Sample - Twitter Fr DFXXz9gq3WkgJaHn9tXRChMhFQcwm4Y251 To DByYgzd4ec5Ku9vPag8XqoBfyRpsoj8Xs3 @TipDoge Sample - Backslash Fr DSDyv83VC1QtEnmJ4ATKFn5Sw3iC12VLmX To D9MsxSyJe5Mq7fWFRpC7zQQt1gexHccN4w Backslash To DJ3GL68kw8vh99RvxnEmQKE8A3cWRoEEqo Backslash Faucet Sample - To DE5QamzWVnxK2HmCS61cUsrn9iwgTArunU 

"OK, great, so now I have a list of my wallets. Now what?"

Now you're going to need the private keys for each of those wallets. Obviously you're not going to store these in a public place though. So you will need a separate file, which can just be plain text. Copy each of those addresses into it.
Now go ahead and fire up QT. If you haven't synced it in 3 years, its going to take forever, but that doesn't matter. You don't actually need the blockchain for this, so you don't have to wait for it to catch up.
Open up the console which is in the Help menu. Then give the command dumpprivkey with the wallet address you want the key to. Then use the up-arrow key to bring that command back, replace the address with the next one, and keep going until you have them all.
It will look something like this:
 13:05:18 Welcome to the Dogecoin RPC console. Use up and down arrows to navigate history, and Ctrl-L to clear screen. Type help for an overview of available commands. 13:11:06 dumpprivkey D9xDcRthB6XP4vRGqiyKdDfVJ7CWhYuBBi 13:11:06 6KEcssuq1wWUrFVmMF8yDxHuAdQMiRezz53zDxADLmyoXnix7iM 13:12:00 dumpprivkey DUDARNrGHVTFcCgriwRWgDQJPKDuDQr9jg 13:12:00 6JNk6NNFZcr49fbsD2jcTfTxFLjJKq9DHQ5JU8CYeZ2Cz6JdKMY 13:12:25 dumpprivkey DG6xnwCT6BXePaySqU85XocobZmhbJczQH 13:12:25 6JNXFv95Mp9SzehHw9jojjdxHRNPeh77qCsRbaNwJZMp9MKCAu3 
Yes, those are real wallets. But don't bother trying to steal my coins, I just generated them on and they're empty.
That's basically it. All you need to do is add some descriptions of what the wallets are, pretty up the format to your liking, and save copies in multiple, secure places, including printed out.

Remember, if you lose your keys, OR someone else sees them, you lose your coins!

If those were my real wallets above, you could use the keys and spend my coins. So obviously, don't let anyone else, especially annoying little brothers, get their grubby hands on them. But also make sure they can be discovered if anything happens to you. That's why the printed copies... nobody is going to go trolling through your porn or warez collection on the offchance there's something valuable in there. But they will look in your safe or wherever you store other important documents. Just be sure to leave a note as to what they are and how to use them. Remember the woman who came here a couple years ago who had found a USB stick with 110 BTC in a locked wallet.dat on it from her dead husband? I sometimes wonder if she ever got the money. Don't be her. Or him.

"OK, great. Now I have my keys. What now?"

Well, you can spend coins using from any wallet you have the keys to. First step is to choose the network. Dogecoin (mainnet) obviously. Then go to Transaction in the +New menu. Enter your address and hit the Load button. It will pull in the first 100 transactions. Now enter the address to pay, and the amount.
Note the Transaction Fee box!
You want this amount to be zero. Depending on whether you're moving coins to another of your wallets to consolidate them (a very good idea.. go read the UTXO ELI5, which you will find a couple pages into - Yes, I'm going to make you work for it, cos there's tons of useful stuff there you need to know), or paying someone else, you may want to select which inputs to use.
Once you're happy with the transaction, go ahead and submit it. You will now get a block of text, which is the raw, unsigned transaction. Copy this. Go to the Sign tab. Paste it. Add your private key and Submit to sign it.
After a little bit, you will get a signed transaction. Copy it. Go to the Broadcast tab, paste it and hit Submit.
That's it. It should go into the next block in a minute or two. Yes, even without paying a mining fee. Our network is so lightly loaded that there are no contention issues like the Bitcoin people have to put up with.

"That's it? So why do I need QT?"

You don't. The process above is all that's involved in spending coins. Everything else is window dressing. So there is no need to run QT, or any other client. Oh, and since you can download the site and run it locally (mostly offline), there is no security issue beyond the usual keyloggers/spyware that can compromise anything. And by knowing how to do this, you are much better protected from accidental loss than someone who blindly trusts black boxes they don't understand.
Oh, one final thing... if you really want to help the network by seeding rather than leeching, go ahead and run a full node. Instructions are in that link above. AND you may want to help seed the bootstrap file torrent from a couple of days ago. Just because YOU don't need it, doesn't mean others don't, right?
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[US-KY] [H] Meme and symbol custom keys [W] Paypal / Bitcoin

EDIT: In your payment: PLEASE USE THE GRID COORDINATES (row,column) OR NUMBER on the image or describe the key exactly, or your payment will be sent back!
I designed a WASD keyboards custom layout for my 40%, and had a bunch of keys I didn't use, so I figured I'd put weird stuff on them and see how they came out. Surprisingly, they came out great, and now I can't just throw them away when they could be bringing dankness to hearts and minds all over the world!
FIRST TO SEND MONEY WITH THE KEYS SPECIFIED GETS THE KEYS! I'm sorry, I can't "hold" a key while you decide if you're going to get it, or get your payment in order. I will update the reddit post ASAP, and reject any payments for keys already sold. Bitcoin returns will be sent to any address you specify, you MUST sign messages with the key you used to send the payment!
IF A KEY YOU LIKE IS ALREADY SOLD: send me a PM. I'm printing more of these, and I can try to get the design you want on the keys you want. Honestly not sure if the trademarked symbols will make it through the next review process...
PAYMENT: Paypal to [email protected], BTC to 1NnZK8SArbJ8gff6HU6uKuKvskpQ9jc2Mv
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If you live in Toronto, read this.

Deloitte just deployed a co-branded Bitcoin ATM[1]. This is really significant.
They're putting their brand on top of what many skeptics have dubbed a ponzi scheme, a trap, fake, unsustainable, wasteful, unscalable. You've heard all the attacks.
It's a publicity stunt, but like any other corporate initiative, it will be measured.
The more usage this ATM gets, the stronger that signal will be.
The fact that it's in Toronto reminds me of how McDonalds, Starbucks and other multi-national corporations approach new products and markets: trying out things internationally. Why? if there's a backslash, you can always blame the international subsidiary, the foreign team.
My advice would be: if you care about Bitcoin and you live in Toronto or nearby, go and use it. Have curious family members or friends? Take them and show them how to use it.
This is really big step and we have to capitalize on it.
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Backslash now gives personalised payments pages, but where's Dogecoin, the foundations it was built on?

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Backslash Closing Down Sep 14th - Get your coins out!

Received this email today:
Over the past year, we worked very hard to build the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin. We learned a ton, received some amazing feedback, and had a lot of fun along the way. We’re very sad, but under the current circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations. Backslash will officially close its doors on September 14th.
As a non-funded, California-based, Bitcoin wallet service, we do not have the resources to comply with the ever-changing regulation. If we continued operating without investing a lot of time and money into our compliance program, we could quickly become an illegal operation.
As we wind things down, will do our best to make sure everyone can withdraw the entirety of their funds in a timely manner.
If you have any questions, or if you’d like to learn more about our decision, please reply to this email.
Paul Benigeri Co-founder, Backslash
How to withdraw your funds:
Backslash will remain operational until September 14th. You will be able to withdraw your funds by sending a payment to an external Bitcoin address.
After September 14th, Backslash will be no longer be operational, but you will still be able to withdraw your funds. All users will still be able to login and specify a Bitcoin address to withdraw their funds.
If you need to create a new Bitcoin wallet, please refer to this website:
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 214 - Weekly Wrapup #24

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
Here's your week in Dogecoin!
This Week's oWaWs
Top Images/Memes of the Week
New Dogecoin Businesses
Businesses Now Accepting Dogecoin
Ongoing Dogecoin Projects
Dogecoin In The News
Did I forget anything? Of course I did! Please let me know in the comments and I'll add it here!
It's 9:30AM EST and we've found 89.42% of our initial 100 Billion DOGEs -- only 10.58% remains until our period of Hyper-inflation ends! Our Global Hashrate is up from ~43 to ~45 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is up from ~633 to ~773.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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What is OpenAlias?

If you follow Monero carefully, you may have heard the word OpenAlias, without really understanding what it is.
OpenAlias ( is an open standard for simpler addresses for any crypto — "Simplifying the World" is its slogan.
As long as you have a domain name (I recommend Gandi), you can transform these unreadable 35 characters long addresses (or even 96 for Monero) into something much more human-readable, like Zooko's triangle: squared.
"At its most basic, OpenAlias is a TXT DNS record on a FQDN (fully qualified domain name). By combining this with DNS-related technologies we have created an aliasing standard that is extensible for developers, intuitive and familiar for users, and can interoperate with both centralised and decentralised domain systems."
No risk of disappointments like "chris678". No risk of phishing like "poloniex". No risk of losing your alias because you lost your private key. To own the alias, you just own the domain name and that's all.
Raw address: 46BeWrHpwXmHDpDEUmZBWZfoQpdc6HaERCNmx1pEYL2rAcuwufPN9rXHHtyUA4QVy66qeFQkn6sfK8aHYjA3jk3o1Bv16em
OpenAlias address:
Any domain. Any crypto. Any address. Any time.
Any domain. You can use any domain name, ICANN-sanctionned or not, as long as it follows the DNS naming system. This means OpenAlias works with .bit (Namecoin) too (but not with .onion and .i2p)
Any crypto. Even if OpenAlias is a Monero Core Team creation, it works with other cryptocurrencies as well. In fact, it works with any crypto. So, yes, you can receive bitcoins, ripples, NXT... with OpenAlias.
Any address. You can use the same address for several cryptos. The alias for the Monero development fund is and it has both a Monero and a Bitcoin address. So you don't have to remember one address per crypto. Just one address. Note though that an entry must be created for every crypto, so don't send us dogecoins that way, it won't work :) Also, the reverse is true: you can have several aliases with the same address. For instance, you can send to "" or "", I configured both (here too, this is manual, so if you send to "", it won't succeed - www is deprecated anyway).
Any time. You can change the address whenever you want, it won't break the alias.
OpenAlias is fully implemented in the latest version of simplewallet ( and on We are in discussion with Poloniex to have implemented (for outgoing transactions only). For the moment, Monero is the only cryptocurrency to implement OpenAlias.
OpenAlias follows exactly the Three Pillars of Monero. Privacy: DNSSEC and DNSCrypt compliant (but not yet implemented on the client) and we provide log-less resolvers (list on the website). Decentralisation: ready for Namecoin, DIANNA, P2P-DNS and other decentralised DNS. Scalability: Zooko's triangle and future-proof.
We hope to see many implementations of OpenAlias soon!
Update: how to create you own OpenAlias entry:
  1. Access your domain name configuration page (it is not possible to use a email address only ; if you don't have a domain name, I suggest buying one at Gandi, they're good)
  2. Edit your DNS zone (if you are using cPanel, this is "Advanced DNS Zone Editor", URL ends in zoneedit/advanced.html)
  3. Enter the following data: Name: your domain name or subdomaine name *ending with a period* TTL: 14400 (ot the same TTL as you other entrie; it doesn't really matter) Type: TXT TXT Data: oa1:xmr recipient_address=address; recipient_name=Your name\; tx_description=Your description\; Note the escaping backslashes before the semi-colon. You can include space in the "recipient_name" and "tx_description" entries Example: Name: TTL: 14400 Type: TXT TXT Data: oa1:xmr recipient_address=oa1:xmr recipient_address=46BeWrHpwXmHDpDEUmZBWZfoQpdc6HaERCNmx1pEYL2rAcuwufPN9rXHHtyUA4QVy66qeFQkn6sfK8aHYjA3jk3o1Bv16em; recipient_name=Monero development fund\; tx_description=Donation to development\;
Update: for Gandi, instructions are as follow, courtesy of 5w00p
Access the web interface for editing the DNS Zone file add this: @ 14400 IN TXT "oa1:xmr recipient_address=46BeWrHpwXmHDpDEUmZBWZfoQpdc6HaERCNmx1pEYL2rAcuwufPN9rXHHtyUA4QVy66qeFQkn6sfK8aHYjA3jk3o1Bv16em; recipient_name=Monero development fund\; tx_description=Donation to development\;"
Saddam will give you 1 XMR for free if you post your openalias on the dedicated thread of the official forum.
The FAQ entry on OpenAlias had been uipdated by incorporating this page.
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Final push for #TyphoonDoge
As you can see from our final donation amount looks like it will be about US$60, which is about 10% of what CathyKeth hoped for.
Cathy and her BF will each put in $200 worth of Pesos, and will be buying the food next week. They plan on driving down and delivering it on the 7th. There will be pictures, receipts, all that jazz to shut up the haters.
I've been trying to work out the cheapest way to get the doge converted, but there isn't a really great way that I can see. So I've asked Cathy to set up a Backslash account and get a BTC address. I will buy the doge myself, and send her the BTC equivalent. Then she can sell on and withdraw to her bank account. I'm not thrilled with the fees from this process, but without a dogecoin equivalent of that site, its the best we can do I think.
If anyone wants to throw a few last-minute coins at this, the tipbot command to donate is: +dogetipbot DTL9gtVEf4JZ5Vpe1juUUT1NUfHF6Nz1f3 1000 doge to the #TyphoonDoge project on your behalf
If you want to throw bitcoin at it, ask Cath for her BTC wallet address.
Of course I'll document what I do, and post an update.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 606 - Weekly Wrapup #80

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
This was your week in Dogecoin:
This Week’s oWaWs
Top Images/Memes of the Week
Other Dogecoin Communities
Dogecoin Attractions – Neat or interesting things to check out/ Take part in this Week
Other Interesting Stuff
Did I miss anything? Do you have a Dogecoin community you want featured? Let me know!
All of these places are seeds. Their potential is infinite. You do not have to ‘Leave’ Reddit in order to help build up these other communities.
But take part in them. Take part in one of them. Make it your own.
Each of these different communities offer Shibes different options, different speeds, different conversations.
What will you do there? What will you build there?
It’s 8:31AM EST and Sunday is FunDay, right? Right?. Our Global Hashrate is holding at ~1170 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is down from ~18835 to ~16867.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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Links to artists you think you could use a tip or two! Lets make the most out of this network effect.

I just had this idea when I went to tip a guy over in /seahawks for his awesome marhawn picture. Seahawks/comments/2w7ywj/beast_mode_drawing_i_did_as_selftherapy_during/ Post some links to other subreddits or websites where we can tip people for awesome stuff like this and show them how easy it would be to get onboard.
You can use changetip or this new service I just signed up for called which seems like a changetip for the internet as a whole.
Looking forward to seeing your submissions and please no self promoting lol. We are here to find people not currently interested in Bitcoin and show them the world of instant internet monies.
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James Kettle - Exploiting CORS Misconfigurations for Bitcoins and Bounties - AppSecUSA 2016 WHERE I HAVE BEEN... - YouTube BackSlash OS How To Install BackSlash Linux Olaf How To Install BackSlash OS

Backslash has made sending bitcoins easy and convenient by leveraging social media platforms with their new peer-to-peer bitcoin wallet. Two Stanford graduates, Roneil Rumburg and Paul Benigeri ... Introduction¶. The Developer Reference aims to provide technical details and API information to help you start building Bitcoin-based applications, but it is not a specification.To make the best use of this documentation, you may want to install the current version of Bitcoin Core, either from source or from a pre-compiled executable.. Questions about Bitcoin development are best asked in one ... Backslash is a mobile friendly web app that makes it easy to send and receive Bitcoin. Just start typing an email address, Twitter handle, or Facebook name, and Backslash will automatically suggest relevant people. You can send Bitcoin to anyone, even if they haven’t signed up yet. All payments within Backslash are instant and free. You can also pay Bitcoin addresses, but that includes a ... Introduction¶. The following guide aims to provide examples to help you start building Bitcoin-based applications. To make the best use of this document, you may want to install the current version of Bitcoin Core, either from source or from a pre-compiled executable.. Once installed, you’ll have access to three programs: bitcoind, bitcoin-qt, and bitcoin-cli. Backslash hooks into your Facebook and Twitter accounts to make it easier to find your friends. When you send Bitcoin to a friend, they receive a message through Facebook or Twitter with a link to ...

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James Kettle - Exploiting CORS Misconfigurations for Bitcoins and Bounties - AppSecUSA 2016

In this video i am going to show How To Install BackSlash OS "Anna". Support the Channel on Patreon Buy Me a Coffee http://... 5x INVITATIONAL WINNER [2600+ Wins] MY MERCH: (NEW ITEMS COMING SOON) FOLLOW ME: Limited Time 95% OFF Coupon: Discord: Like our content and ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Exploiting CORS Misconfigurations for Bitcoins and Bounties Hear the story of how a specification’s innocent intentions toward security and simplicity mingled with Real World Code and ultimately ...