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INTERNET CHEAT: How I retired a Bitcoin millionaire

INTERNET CHEAT: How I retired a Bitcoin millionaire submitted by MICKYNewsOz to btc [link] [comments]

INTERNET CHEAT: How I retired a Bitcoin millionaire

INTERNET CHEAT: How I retired a Bitcoin millionaire submitted by MICKYNewsOz to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Fun Fact: This is the closest a Millionaire Makers drawing thread will get to Christmas Eve! Comment to enter, and let’s make someone’s Christmas while we still can! [Drawing Thread #37]

OBLIGATORY EDIT: Thanks for the Silv'a, kind and generous stranger. For your generosity, have a video of Silver, from the hit video-game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, detailing the glorious benefits silver has on the Reddit culture! Thank you. (I hope you liked the joke.)

Santa Claus is coming! …and apparently it’s a 100,000 people in a red trench coat.

Edit: There are three deleted comments. The drill is to run the code again at 3:00 UTC, with a trial run before and after.
Quick Announcement:
On December 28, 2018, one week after this drawing, I will conduct a survey to help determine this subreddit’s direction. Additionally, the moderation team will unveil a new Discord server at the same time for our subscribers to discuss the subreddit and the drawing. Here are some questions you can expect (updated):
  • What day of the month would you like the /MillionaireMakers drawing to be held?
  • Should the code be further streamlined to acquire comment IDs at a faster and just pace? (Context: There's new code that can be used to prevent further cases of cheating, but it also changes the process.)
  • What is the best cryptocurrency blockchain to choose the winner from?
  • Should the [Drawing Thread] post's format be revamped in the future?
  • Should there be monthly or seasonal announcements the Monday of the [Drawing Thread]'s week?
If you would like to see something specific change over here at /MillionaireMakers, please click here! Your comments will help determine any additional questions the moderation team should ask the subscribers.
TL;DR: Leave a comment on this thread. A random user will be chosen, and everyone donates a dollar to make a millionaire. You are welcome to spread this thread via upvoting, telling friends and family, and sharing on social media! If you'd like to be reminded to donate to the winner by RemindMeBot, click here!
What is this, anyway?
Three years ago, a Redditor posted an idea in /Showerthoughts that speculated the fact, if a million people picked a certain Redditor and all donated just $1, they would have the power to make someone a millionaire.
This subreddit is an embodiment of that showerthought, and the monthly drawings are the attempts to make it happen.
We need your help to keep this running, which amounts to only $1 a month to make someone's day. In the long term, that’s $120 every decade, which is a much more affordable price than other expenses. How does it work? Below, you will find an explanation on entering, rules to keep in mind, the selection, and other important things to note.
How to enter:
  • REQUIRED: Leave only one (1) top level comment in reply to this thread! Replying to other comments will not count. It is highly recommended to comment "RemindMe! 3 days Donation for /millionairemakers", which will remind you via PM to donate.
Important Rules:
  • Only ONE top level comment per person (replies and subsequent-level comments aren't included), but feel free to reply to other comments. Making duplicate top level comments may result in exclusion from entering. Go to me to ensure you don't accidentally double comment.
  • If, by any chance, you do double comment, delete any extra duplicates ASAP, ideally before the thread is locked in 24 hours, as any chosen draws found to violate this will not be eligible to win, and will be banned from the subreddit.
  • Your account must be older than 30 days with some amount of activity. Throwaway accounts with very minimal activity will also not be eligible. This is to prevent multiple entries from the same person.
How will the winner be picked and how can you donate?
  • After 24 hours, this thread will close, and the method of selection will begin.
  • While attempts to make the selection method similar to 2017’s have been performed, it still varies from the original. For an example from a prior drawing, see [Draw #36]. For archival purposes, please click here for the original selection method.
  • Method's TL;DR: Your number is assigned by sorting the comments by old, so the first commenter will be 1, and the list of comments will be publicly released. The subreddit then waits for a randomly generated block (a string of numbers) from Bitcoin's blockchain, after a preselected date and time, and calculates the winner using a formula described in the posts mentioned above.
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  • While not necessary, to determine if you are on the list, please go to your comment and save it. The comment ID is what gets recorded and selected, which looks like this: e3yxpj4.
  • The user who created the winning comment will be informed of their luck and will provide any information necessary for their chosen payment methods (mods will help set this up if needed).
  • The generous Reddit community donates to this lucky person, hopefully making some worthy soul a millionaire! A donation table will be stickied to the winner’s post, giving users the freedom in how they donate.
  • The lucky Redditor follows up with a thank you within the next days, revealing to the community exactly how much was raised and thanking their generosity.
  • Take the time you have available now to setup your PayPal, Square Cash, and Google Wallet account, and/or cryptocurrency wallets. (Note: Some services may not be available depending on where you reside.)
  • To buy any cryptocurrencies, you may use Coinbase for purchases using your bank account.
  • To store cryptocurrencies, there are many accessible wallets, and if you win, you will be guided on which ones to download. For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it’s recommended to use the Electrum and Electron Cash wallet for Mac, Linux, and PC.
  • Please try your best to donate a $1, no matter who wins. Every single dollar, cent, anything really counts, so please take the effort to remember and go through with it.
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Remember, this is about generosity, making history, and coming together to make someone's life better. It takes three minutes to donate a bit to the winner, whether you're well off and want to donate a couple bucks, or going through tough times and can only donate a few pennies. Every cent counts.
Note about legality: This is NOT a lottery. You don't have to pay to enter. No prizes are given away directly by the moderators of this subreddit (the moderators will never even touch your donations; this is done voluntarily). As for gift taxes, according to the IRS they're generally paid by the donor, and any donations under $14,000 is not taxable.
If a lone $1 can get you a Dollar Tree-worthy present, imagine the possibilities with $1,000,000. You can go invite your family to a Disney World vacation, invite friends without hesitation, or put up Christmas decorations!
One million dollars can be enough to make someone’s Christmas. Spread the word: have your friends and family comment, post the link to your friendly-neighborhood social media network, and share it to anyone interested.
A Christmas delight,
With people dear, near, and cheer.
The winner’s tonight!
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Got scammed for $100K+ Looking for advice

I got scammed by an Indonesian business man. This guy is pretty public and you can find his information online as he used to be in the media alot. It all happened mid 2019 where he told me he couldn't get money out of Indonesia and needed me to place some money as a deposit for him. But after months of getting him to return me my money, he just ignored me totally and I found out he owes others money too. I had access to his bank accounts ( for real and it might sound like I'm stupid for believing it was really his bank account but it is. ) and I know he has the money but he just doesn't want to return anything. He is rich and his family is really well to do as in they're all millionaires. Caused me to go into huge debt and right now trying to find the best way to get my money back from him.
He lies and tells people he is in the hospital for 6 months and can't do anything but he is not. I have tried every way to recover my money from this asshole but he just ignores me now and I am in another country.
Waiting for a more optimal time when I have resources and can go find him personally and confront his family but trying to find other ideas in the meantime. Hope someone here has some input on this.
I have no contracts with him and we were good friends so i trusted him. The money was sent in bitcoin so I think I'm screwed unless there's actually a way for me to go after him legally.
Edit : I'm in Singapore and he's in Indonesia
Update: I actually contacted his family (nicely) and he finally replied but still insisted he's still in the hospital when his family said something else. Hmm. He was angry that I contacted his family.
Update: My investigation has led me to find 10 other people who this guy has cheated. All of them had the same excuse given to them - hospital. Apparently his wife was in all the whole thing as well. Background on these people is kinda out of this world. They are all smart investors and some of them sit on boards of large companies in south east asia and have net-worths of 30Million and up. Just shocked on what I found. So they are looking to find the scammer now which I'm the closest to doing right now. They haven't tried as hard as I did but I am instigating them to chastise this person. Wish they'll give me a job right now too because god knows I desperately need a pay increase lol. Wish me luck and would appreciate any more advice too!
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Reddit, let's make a millionaire! [Entry thread #9]

The livestream/drawing is over, here are the results:

The moderators are currently confirming the winner eligibility. Stay tuned!

What is this, anyway?
Eight months ago, a redditor posted an idea in /Showerthoughts that speculated the fact that If a million of us picked a certain redditor and all donated just $1, we would have the power to make someone a millionaire.
We are now an embodiment of that showerthought, and this is our next attempt to make it happen.
We need your help to keep this running, which only amounts to a $1 a month to make someone's day. Now how does it work? Look below.
How to enter:
Important Rules:
How will the winner be picked and how can you donate?
At this point, Reddit, it's all up to you. Make us proud. Change the world. Prove the internet can do good.
Remember, this is about generosity, about making history, and about coming together to make someone's life better. So take 3 minutes to donate a bit to the winner, whether you're well off and want to donate a few bucks, or going through tough times and can only donate a few cents. Every cent counts.
Note about legality: This is NOT a lottery. You don't have to pay to enter. Also, WE are not giving any prizes away (the moderators will never even touch your donations). As for gift taxes, according to the IRS they're generally paid by the donor, and any donation under $14,000 is not taxable.
Think of what you could do with $1,000,000... You could pay off student loans, have lifesaving surgery, or even give $1 to a million people!
So Reddit, thanks for sticking with us through that long post. It's finally time to change a life. Help us to the front page, so we can make history, and...
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Lessons learned - Crypto and Divorce - In January I was a millionaire thanks to BTC, then my wife divorces me and now I have $30,000 AMA

Crossreferencing u/nanoissuperior He wrote earlier today:
Title: In January I was a millionaire thanks to Nano, now I have $25,000 AMA

I was replying to his post, but my reply ended up being a bit too large as a reply and steered off-topic, albeit an interesting one. So I decided to make it its own post, because there may be a good lessons to be learned and hoping some will come forward with good information to be shared.
I hope it can help anyone on this sub avoid the costly mistakes that I made. Here it goes: FLAIR: LEGAL (not in the list)
u/nanoissuperior are you who I think you are? I won't give out any further identifying clues, but I happen to know someone in the exact same position that could have written that exact same headline. If you read the first paragraph, you'll know if you know me.
The person I know bought Nano really early, based on a tip from a friend. I got in much later. By the time he told me it had already spiked to the $5 range, when I ended up buying. I then sold in the $20's so it was a good buy nonetheless. We were former colleagues at a large, large software company somewhere in the PNW, I left the company to venture out on my own and try to launch some projects I had in mind and relocated overseas for a few years. We lost contact with each other during my time away, but we connected again during the market runup and started exchanging coin information on a daily basis during the big bull run of late 2017. That was a crazy time.... the market trend was a few degrees short of vertical for pretty much all coins!

Hey, guess what? Now that I think about it, I could have written that same headline myself! In January 2018 I was a Millionaire too! Not with Nano, but thanks to purchasing a good chunk of Bitcoin in 2011 at $1.20 each. I ended up a single digit millionaire with what I had left in Bitcoin around January of 2018.
And, just like you, today, from all that wealth, I have about $30.000 left, with little to show for. Can we call that even? Although my disaster was not caused entirely by market fluctuation; Mine is a more complex story and I am going to mention it, because hopefully, it could serve as a lesson to be learned for any crypto holder out there, so they don't make the make mistake I made: Don't trust anyone. Always be skeptical and watch out for your own interests. Anyhow, here it goes:
After 5 years overseas, I had enough and wanted to come back to the States. My wife stated her preference to stay abroad, but eventually, she conceded albeit reluctantly. We chose a small town in CO to settle, and landed in November of 2017. We had plans to settle down and considered purchasing a home with my/our new fortune, based on the market price during that period. At the same time, I was also hesitant about the inherent tax payments due caused by such large liquidation. I was trying to have to pay taxes as far away as possible. So, I decided to wait till New Year's Eve and started liquidating my crypto on January 1st, 2018 right after midnight. This way, I would have 16 months (till April, 2019) to pay any capital gains taxes, and I was confident at the time that the market would give me that for free, especially at the pace that it was going. I have been an early adopter and have since then acquired the high levels of verification and trading limits per week, with many exchanges, but for a large sum like this, I needed several separate transactions, over the course of several weeks, especially wanting to do it with a US-based exchange that was linked to a US bank accounts, to avoid overseas wire transfers, meaning more fees. (Yes, I did look at all OTC options, but for reasons not relevant to the story, I couldn't make it happen, so I had to use the traditional Exchange channels for asset liquidation).
My wife and I, initially had some fundamental disagreements on the gross amount to be spent and the type of property we should be purchasing. I wanted a smaller place, with a denser, younger community, where there'd be kids our son's age for him to play. She insisted that we should go big; we had been traveling for so many years, and we had not been able to call any of our past residences our home. It was time to settle and nest; She convinced me that we should own a property of our own that we would be proud of living in for years. One that we could own outright and would not easily outgrow. We ended up splurging and purchased in cash two luxury cars for ourselves and set our sights on a large dream house in the city's Golf & Country Club, free and clear, for us and our two kids. I don't even play golf, nor do I even like it, but, if it makes her happy and it is within the safe margins of making it happen, I figured, why not? My concerns were largely financial and the numbers were adding up. It was a bit tight against my personal safe margins, but, at the same time, I was imagining to never have to make, or even have to think about, a car or home mortgage payment ever again! Bitcoin is on a roll and there is no sign of it stopping. Fine. Let's do it, before I change my mind.
Now, I admit I was extremely lucky with choosing the time of when to sell the assets. I had no clue the market would take a dive in February, and so it seemed to many that I had timed the market perfectly, selling most of my coins in the first two weeks of January of 2018. Many called me a genius for selling at the very top, as if I had some sort of wisdom to know when it would drop; the truth is much less flattering; it was nothing but dumb luck, based on me wanting to pay taxes in 2018 and defer to 2019. Awesome, well done! Yeah? well, slow down, son, not so fast.
So, I gather the 7-digit lumpsum in January 2018 and we write a check for the full amount at closing in February on the property of her dreams. A property that could easily be showcased on a luxury Real Estate magazine cover. Also, remember we had just moved back to the United States with just a few suitcases each from overseas. We had no furniture, kitchenware, curtains, TV's, bed sheets, winter clothing and so many other essential things that one usually purchases over time, but which we now had to purchase all at once. Not a problem, Bitcoin had dropped slightly but still well above $15k, I believe, at the time. And, earlier, in January, I had diligently taken this expense into account and effortlessly set aside a small fortune for equipping such a large house with everything we would ever need, brand new. It seemed we were protagonists of one of the Home Makeover Shows.
Finally, after working day and night, prepping the house non-stop for days and when every piece of furniture had finally arrived, been unpacked and carried to its corresponding room, it seemed most of the essentials were in place and the hard work was done. I longed for pouring myself a Scotch and to finally sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I head downstairs to the dedicated walk-in, cigar-humidor / wine / Scotch cellar in the basement and grab the better bottle of Whisky of the few bottles of Scotch that I had bought earlier in the week. On my way up, I remember feeling a sense of calm, combined with a glow of excitement and this undescribable profound inner peace, all at once. This was such a rare, natural, non-drug induced high that I had never experienced. It felt so good! This sense of accomplishment of achieving that one thing I had been chasing and longing for my entire life. I had expected I would be chasing this goal for the next 15-20 years, and yet, here it was. No, where I was, was even better than expected! A place where not even my parents, who still have to make their monthly mortgage payments. I had done it! With a smile from ear to ear, I take a deep breath of relief and while looking around the property, I think to myself: "It's perfect, everything is in place and I can finally call this our home. We are so lucky and we are going to live a great life. A life that few can only dream of. So many concerns will be lifted and become redundant. Everything will be better. I'll start a fire in one of our two fireplaces and I am going to begin enjoying my semi-retired life with the first sip of my drink. That will be the official start of our new life".
I head over to the kitchen to get a glass and some ice cubes, while I struggle to find which one is the freezer among the many drawers in the kitchen. It was then when I notice a handwritten note placed front and center on the kitchen counter. It is from my wife and read: "There is no easy way to say this, so I am just going to say it..... I want to legally divorce [ ...]". It continued saying that she had taken our son, and had unequivocally decided to leave me. She had already filed the paperwork for divorce and that I should expect to be served in the morning.
My bliss had lasted less than 5 minutes and in less than two seconds, it turned dark, somber and I saw it all crumbling down in front of me. Like a long-awaited rocket launch, years in preparation, which then unexpectedly explodes on the launch pad during the countdown. My stomach, heart and everything in my body just sank and melted into one ball of poison in my core. I felt like throwing up. I was completely blindsided; she had played the game all along, not giving me the slightest hint of what was being concocted in the background. She had already engaged with her lawyers weeks beforehand. Her mother was already in town from another state to help out with I don't know what. I had been gaslighted and was threatened by her that I needed to see a psychiatrist due to a change in my temper that I had supposedly developed - my temper was awesome: with BTC at that price? Everything was perfect! But I obeyed and went anyhow (this would later fit her story that she had to leave with the child because she feared for her safety due to my supposed temper for which I was under treatment, therefore, I must have this temper problem, see?). Also, the purchase of the overpriced home also seemed clearly premeditated: Price was the main driver of the decision making; not location, demographics, taxes, etc. It was the wrong neighborhood for us (people much older than us, retired, golfers and no kids the same age as our son to play with). Our house happened to also be the most expensive in the neighborhood. I can see it all so clearly now.
See, your crypto coins on the blockchain, are not within the US court's jurisdiction (or, at least, it's quite debatable - a gray area - ask me for the seed and I can tell you that I may have the seed, or that I may not have the seed, I may have the wrong seed, I may have forgotten it, I may have lost it - you can't prove I did not forget, or lost it, etc). However, once it is in FIAT in a bank, or invested in a property, the courts can rule on the asset(s), freeze, disburse or order a sale of the property, etc. It's done all the time.
Also, the coins were technically mine, and by definition private property (not to be divided during the divorce) as they were acquired before the marriage. I could not prove its origins (I bought many of them via direct messaging members on and mining rather than exchanges, so no records, receipts or nothing to prove otherwise: the big exchanges like BitStamp and Coinbase didn't start operations till 2013, if I m not mistaken. Instead, I would talk to one of the forum members offering coins we'd agree on a price, I'd send a check to wherever the individual seller instructed me to (Russia, Bulgaria, Japan, UK. etc) and the coins would be deposited to whatever address I provided. Yes, it was quite crude at the time.
However, once I converted my coins to cash and used that cash to buy a property for the benefit of the family, it became common property and thus she then had rights to a portion of it when divided between the two parties should a divorce occur - which ended up being almost 3/4 of all assets.
I was robbed in broad daylight. By the one person, I trusted with my life. The one you should trust with your life. Your life partner. And while I was in complete denial, trying to bargain, I waited too long to obtain good legal representation. When I finally ended up getting a lawyer, I was quite distraught and I clearly did not do the proper research and this resulted in a less than stellar performance and detrimental to me at many key steps in the process. I had to switch legal representation right before mediation and I can't blame my new lawyer either, as (s)he did not have the required time to catch up on all the details, (s)he did his/her best, but I was ultimately strongarmed into conceding my soon-to-be-ex-wife to let her return to the house, in exchange to obtain 50% of my son's custody, with serious and strict clauses I had to abide by. So, I had to move out, find a hole in the wall in a student apartment, pay my rent and pay our kids pre-school, while she lives grandiose, without monthly payments in the country club, till the house sells, which will likely be in the spring of next year. Nice!
Due to my delay, legal mishandling and somehow every other element in her favor, she inexplicably ended up with around 3/4 of the worth of all assets, free and clear, no taxes due. Mind you, she has never financially contributed, nor made a single $ during our entire marriage. She has never worked and had $0 in her pocket when we married. She didn't even have a checking account, well in her thirties. She is no dummy; she is street smart, knows how to manipulate people, get her way with flirting and charm, while I am more intellectual and book smart. and She beat me hands-down. She is walking away with a sum of, not quite 7 figures, but close.
With what I am left with from the sale of the house, I am responsible to pay for all the capital gains taxes from the liquidation to the IRS, which are due in April 2019. I don't expect there to be more left over than the estimated $30k mentioned above.
Hate the market all you want, I made peace with the market and am keeping busy at hating my ex for a while for putting me in the same situation. She tripped me 1 yard before the finish line and pushed me in the prickly bushes, to cross it by herself. Go figure. When I am done hating her, I'll get back to rebuilding my life again from scratch. I am not worried, I have done it before. Just pissed, I was so close and that I was so naive to not see it coming.
Sorry, I am not meaning to hijack the thread, just wanted you to know that others may have lost more than just "free" money; money we didn't really have to work for. We were the lucky ones. It is what I keep telling myself to stop me from jumping off a bridge.
PS - Woah: Sorry for the wall of text; I was just going to write the first paragraph and ended up venting about my current situation. I know, I should take this issue to /depressed, /exes or /whereisthenearestbridgeIcanjumpfrom.
Hopefully, this can be a lesson to those holding crypto and some can learn what NOT to do. I learned the hard way and was left with nothing. Don't be a nice guy. Don't trust anyone with your crypto. Anyhow, I am sure either our vigilant subreddit bot, or one of the mods will remove my post for not adhering to rule, and if not, I am sure that you fine people will downvote me to hell. Go ahead. Take away from me the little Karma I left too! Thanks!

I learned many lessons, but here are some key ones [IANAL - any crypto-educated AL opinion appreciated here, thanks] :
- Understand the concept of private property - property you acquire before getting married. INAL - this depends on the state legislation, but it is hard to prove with crypto, especially if you obtained your crypto through foreign exchanges, outside of legal jurisdictions, the petitioner might not understand or willing to invest in obtaining subpoenas and requests to businesses operating overseas, as this may result costly.
- Get a lawyer who understands, or is willing to understand crypto, its benefits of being somewhat unreachable and how that can work for you. Don't let them shortchange you with: "well, let's just convert the rest to cash, because that I understand" type of reasoning.
- If you do go to mediation, the above applies as well. This arbitrator or mediator needs to be one that understands the intrinsic details of crypto - for example, during the ATH, I bought 6 digits worth in $USD of Stellar. I used the very first version of the software, supporting Stellar on my hardware device, and put it all in a cold storage wallet somewhere around January. I routinely checked on my coins on the blockchain and they are there. A few months later, I try to access my account and the device returns a different public address, which contains 0 funds. I am still trying to debug this issue with the manufacturer, but the fact is that I was accused of hiding these coins or negligence and was demanded that I paid half of what was lost. or not lost, out of my pocket for money that I didn't have access either. I tried to explain it in the simplest terms, there are risks involved with using first come software. There is no 1800 number, mo tech support. no CEO, no, you can't call the BBB and complain, etc and no one seemed to be able to understand, nor willing to either. It became a huge roadblock for which I had to concede, not cash, but a concession, I was not wanting to concede. The petitioner leaned on the fact that I was either wilfully cheating or stupid enough to lose the coins and managed to create enough doubt in my character and integrity and there was nothing rational I could explain that she, or anyone else in the room would understand. Perhaps mutually contracting a seasoned crypto expert that can offer a neutral view and give his/her opinion might be worth considering. Andreas, where were you when I needed you? :)
- Other examples were some coins I had bought in 2012 and gifted to some of her family's kids. I was holding these, till they would turn 16 for them to pay themselves their college, or so I told them. These coins were demanded back by the petitioner. Ok, I suggested that I would send them, but with a CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY value with a block height of let's say,10 years from now, out of fear that she would spend the coins and the kids would never know (they are toddlers). No one understood what I was talking about, I was made out the crazy one, I gave up, sent her the coins, unlocked and, just as I expected, within 20 minutes of receiving them, she spent $1200 worth of it (for a flight, I think). If you are the only one speaking your language, no one is willing to listen or make an effort to understand you.
- It appears my coins were private property, which means, that I acquired them before the marriage and in case of divorce, if I have not moved them or used them for the common good of the marriage, then they remain mine. However, I liquidated them and cash ended up in my checking account to be used to buy groceries, cars and eventually a house, and it is then that they became common property. Only once they landed in my checking account on which she is named on. It appears that had I taken proper legal precautions with documentation, or a company/trust, where that money would have gone, instead of my checking accounts, elsewhere, I would have still been able to be the legal proprietor of the resulting cash. I can't quite remember the details, but it as something that was explained to me afterward, and I honestly think I just tuned it out, because it made me sick to know I could have held on to my wealth. Perhaps a lawyer can chime in? Again, much of the lack of information and every misstep taken was because of dealing with people that are accustomed to traditional assets and will not deviate from it. Crypto is different and is treated differently. It is so important to know the strengths and weaknesses when going into litigation about something that people don't understand.
- Some more I can think of, but this post is getting way out of hand in size. Feel free to comment/suggest your own and I'll add more to the comments.

Credits to: u/nanoissuperior Thanks for your post, it inspired me to write this one. Anyone, any karma you feels needs to go his way, for providing the source of inspiration, please give to O-OP.

TL;DR: Wife, having contributed $0 during entire marriage, waited until I cashed out all my crypto at the top of the bull market in January 2018, for a nice seven-figure amount, and then immediately divorced me for the money.

Edit: added TL;DR
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PGA: No Frills DFS Data - Honda Classic Recap & Discussion of Golf Metrics
So, this slate was fantastic.

I had a player pool of 22 guys and only 3 missed the cut with another as an MDF. While I only had 1 guy in the top 5 this time, it was one of my most exposed players in Lucas Glover. I had 3 more at T9 so 4 of the top 11 guys and a bunch more T20 or better. I didn't have any lineups packed with the top 5 so didn't have any huge individual scores but when most lineups went 6/6 or 5/6 with a bunch of T20 or better players, it's always going to be a very good week despite not hitting yahtzee.

Again, to recap, here was my player pool in order of exposure.

T30 Justin Thomas
T4 Lucas Glover
MDF Graeme McDowell
T9 Sergio Garcia
T59 Zach Johnson
T36 Daniel Berger
T16 Michael Thompson
T59 Vaughn Taylor
T36 Gary Woodland
T51 Russell Knox
CUT Adam Scott
T20 Chesson Hadley
CUT Luke List
T16 Billy Horschel
T20 Brian Stuard
T36 Byeong Hun An
CUT Cameron Smith
T36 J.T. Poston
T9 Jason Kokrak
T9 Jim Furyk
T20 Matt Wallace
T20 Talor Gooch

My model once again pushed Furyk (it tends to really like him, Chez Reavie and Phil Michelson) but this time it wasn't overboard about it. At the end I didn't use him in any of the purely model driven lines but ended up trusting the model when I created the "homer line" where I choose 1-2 guys I really want added in and exclude a few I'm already heavy on so I could jam in Adam Scott again and the lineup said fill it out with Furyk. Was pleasantly surprised with a T9 from the guy and it will give me a little bit more faith when the model recommends him.

Now back to Adam Scott, this is why I limit my ability to directly construct a lineup to only 1 dart. The only things in Scott's favor were course history, tout coverage and Vegas odds. Everything else said he's a fine golfer but way too overpriced and since my model works rather holistically, all those things were already accounted for so I already had a smittering of him out there. Yet I bought into the narrative and jammed him in there. I don't regret the decision, I'd do it again. But this is exactly why I build a model, because if I built my 10x gpp lineups by hand, I'd likely have gone with him in a lot more lineups because his narrative was very compelling. The other guys to miss the cut in Smith and List, well, I stand by those choices as well. Half the field needs to be cut, so even if everyone golfed the game of their lives you'd still get half the field get cut despite hitting peak form. Kind of like if everyone went to an Ivy League then we'd have Yale PhDs flipping burgers kind of scenario. In short, don't worry about it. Even the best golfers will miss the cut.

You may also recall the model was suggesting Ortiz and Blayne and I vetoed them because I didn't feel the data was reliable. They both missed the cut. I would have been about 1/3 exposed to each had I not manually sifted through and error checked my lineups, something I sometimes don't get a chance to do because I didn't start running the model until near lock. It would have been disastrous had I not seen those unfamiliar names and decided to take a closer look.

My cash games went exceedingly well as I chose one of my lineups that did fairly well to use in cash. I cashed in every 50/50 and double up (sometimes outright winning them) and won all but 2 of my h2hs. There's a good story here about why, despite that I play most of my volume in cash, that I go with only 1 lineup. There's one specific player I've been matching up with quite a bit. It started out in lower stakes and I believe he's now tilted and trying to recover because he keeps upping the stakes but I keep taking em. This past slate he posted a $100 h2h and I took it. He then matched up with me in another one for $5. He decided to go with 2 lineups, one of them performed pretty poorly, another would have done very well in a GPP. Given how pleased I am writing about this, I bet you can imagine which one of those I lost and which I won. This is why I just create one cash lineup and stick with it because I've been on his side of things in the past. If he wins both then it wouldn't matter, if he loses both then it wouldn't matter. If he loses the $5 wins the $100 it doesn't matter... but if he loses the $100 but wins the $5 then he goes on crazy monkey tilt.

It doesn't matter at all that mathematically speaking it doesn't make a difference (so long as both lineups had equal assumed expectations), emotions still run high in this and unless you're doing very high volume at leveled stakes (not 2 matchups of 20x difference in size) and not going to track the individual results but look at the big picture then it's fine. But nobody does this, we aren't androids, when you win you win, when you lose you lose. This is why although I put way more in cash than gpp and bad cash lineup can sink me, I'm still taking a binary approach with cash games. I'm not taking a 75% indifference with a 25% chance of losing my god damn mind because the h2h that mattered was the one that failed. Fail like a stoic with a single cash lineup that gives 100% indifference.

Now then, some people have been asking me to go into more detail about about the data that use to create the lineups. I'll just reiterate again that I'm never going to explain how the sausage is made. But I will be serving plenty of sausage and give you a general idea what animal it came from.

Today I'm going to talk about specifically how most of my research really demonstrates just how stupid most golf stats are. I really want to be 100% sure and am in the process of scraping an absurdly large database containing several decades. And since I'm doing this on my free time, it'll take some time before I parse and analyze everything. I don't want to make the very bold claims I already believe to true without further studying the matter and really ensuring my thoughts are real and it's not the product of bad calculations or insufficient sample size. But, what I've discovered thus far, is that all those stats are just window dressing. Saying someone led the field shots gained x is fundamentally no different than saying "they did well and had a good tournament." Things like shots gained track results not process. So it's much like tracking wins and rbis. Yes, the best hitters and the best pitchers in baseball often lead the league in those metrics, but we all know why they aren't good predictive tools.

For example, when my beloved Red Sox signed Dante Bichette in 2001, there was all this talk about him having led the major leagues in RBIs the past few seasons. He just had his epic year, two years ago driving in 133 runs and the year before got 90. While he was aging and slowing down, I distinctly remember a lot confusion over why we signed this elite hitter but then used him in a platoon. I'd be at Fenway and as the Red Sox lost, people would openly question the wisdom of having one of the best hitters in the game ride it out on the bench. This was 2 years before Moneyball was published and while front offices knew the reality of the situation (third team in 2 years and out of the league after that season), the average hard core Red Sox fan would just scratch their head wondering why we didn't give Dante a little more of a chance to show he still had it.

I feel this is the situation today with golf and golf statistics while what we have today is an improvement of the past - we take it for granted that it comes with the same authority as so wOBA or usage. We know that the winners won, but we don't know much else and shots gained is basically more or less a fancy way to say someone did a better job. If someone gets a birdie on a par 4, their SG will improve by about... drumroll please... 1. So you could just simply compare scores - IE look at end of tournament standings. Yes, there is definitely some nuance and they do factor in the relative difficulty of that specific par 4 and if I didn't feel like there was some actionable data out there I wouldn't bother with any of this. But I believe that way too much weight is put into this, whether I'm right or wrong, I will follow up on this in much more detail once it's no longer a hunch but rather indisputable. The reason why gathering this data is difficult is that it's restricted - which itself should be a bit of a red flag.

I'll also be reading "Every Shot Counts" soon, which is a book written by the creator of the Shots Gained metric. I really don't want to make any further and sweeping judgements until I read the author's long and detailed explanation of the metric.

But really, we can all see the smoking gun for ourselves to see that the process by which they used to record shots gained is kept a secret and they don't disclose the data. Even prior to them ghosting us, access to the statistics themselves was restricted - you need to apply for access. The twitter account still exists and it's like everyone vanished into thin air, the last tweet was well over a year ago and simply a picture of a golf course as if nothing was about the change.

Also, the PGA still insists "All strokes gained statistics are calculated using ShotLink, the PGA TOUR's real-time scoring system powered by CDW. But since it's so secretive, we really don't know much about it. I'm not talking conspiracies or anything, they could have a very good data collection system that's phenomenal, but the very notion that the PGA doesn't even bother telling anyone how the data is collected and yet nobody is asking any questions should tell you this isn't exactly the most objective market.

So basically, I'm very confused by Shots Gained as a metric, can find very little information on it and what I can find is out of date and contradictory and seems to imply it's more or less no different than a nuanced version of looking at the final standings. I want to say it's bullshit, but I'm just reserving final judgement and simply labeling as sketchy for now.

So then we should look at results yeah? Yes, but this is largely what pricing is based upon, so not much of an edge there. So shall we look at ranking? Yes, let's take a look at OWGR.

When I first started with golf, I knew nothing and had nothing to base anything on other than seeing their pricing and recent point accumulations. Since Tiger Woods wasn't playing in that event, it was all entirely new names, just names I'd hear in passing while switching off ESPN as they were starting their golf coverage. So naturally, when I saw each golfer had a world ranking, I viewed that as a cheat sheet. From the very beginning, one of the formulas I've used to develop lineups was as simple as putting together the golfers within budget that collectively had the lowest aggregate world ranking number. Why am I suddenly speaking in such specifics you ask? Because it's a horrible DFS metric and nobody else is doing it (I track gpps lineups to see what others are doing, there are a few of these more simple formulas that pop up periodically, this is not one of them) so it's not exactly as if disclosing this information will make my opponents that much stronger.

My OWGR lineup has in fact been the single worst performing in cash and the 2nd to worst performing in gpps of the dozens of lineup models I have. Thankfully, I don't play it because it's so bad but I keep tracking it and recording how it would have performed just for fun these days. The only lineup that performed worse than the OWGR lineup in GPPS, well that one heavily factors in OWGR as well :). OWGR is just a terrible, terrible metric for DFS. Yes, it will give you the cream of the crop like the Dustin Johnsons, but you can never afford a lineup of Dustin Johnsons, you'll have to start digging deeper and pulling up min priced guys like Satoshi Kodaira - mr bitcoin himself. Someone who if you've been reading my stuff, is the entire reason I stopped playing any lineup that had OWGR as a primary indicator.

Now Satoshi, despite being a pretty horrible DFS play most of the time, is a great example of everything wrong with OWGR. His Fedex Cup rank is currently 160 and has never been better than 93, but his world rank is perplexingly 59. In 2018, he played 18 tournaments and finished under par only twice. He missed more cuts than he made as well. I could be mistaken, but it seems that he got into some majors via a sponsor in 2017 and 2018 and managed to do alright in them. He also ended up winning one of the tournaments he played in last year.

When researching OWGR to figure out how it came about and how it is calculated, I learned a lot. Basically, it's nothing more than party planning. A golf course in Scotland wanted to figure out whom to invite to compete in their tournament and invented the system. It weighs the strength of the field very heavily in rewarding points- and the strength of the field is - yup - you guessed it - determined by people already ranked by the system. So if Dustin Johnson cloned himself and kept playing tournaments exclusive to him and his equally ranked clones, they'd forever hold onto the top rankings. If OWGR was an excel sheet, the creator would get an error popup upon loading it up each day due to circular references. So, Satoshi I'm sure is a great golfer, anyone there should be, but his ranking is very artificially skewered up because he managed to make the cut and finish around 50th in some really packed majors that had a lot of heavy hitters. In fact, the ranking system is so completely absurd, that any millionaire can get themselves world ranked pretty easily. They just need to do something like sponsor a Pro-Am at some odd but counted tour like the Alps Tour and then invite the guys ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd to compete and filling out the rest of the field with toddlers and yourself. You would be assured a 4th place finish. Yet you didn't beat any of the top 3 golfers in the world. You just beat 100 toddlers. Yet you still get the high ranking because they get 45, 37 and 32 respective points for strength of field, which is greater than if you had a tournament of the golfers ranked 93rd through 200 playing. Finishing 4th behind the only 3 adults and beating 100 toddlers has the same impact as finishing 4th in a field of 107 of the greatest golfers in the world.

Finishing 4th and beating 100 toddlers will grant you the same amount of points as finishing 20th at a major. That's how utterly stupid this rating system is. Obviously I'm using some extreme edge cases, it's very likely they would see through that scheme and not count it, but you get the idea of how inconsistent the system is. If you simply altered the PGA tour to the top 3 golfers and then a bunch of amateurs, those amateurs would soon arbitrarily be some of the highest rated in the world themselves, thus feeding itself.

This is why I call my OWGR model Ouroboros

Dustin Johnson doesn't play defense. He isn't jumping out of the sand trap and blocking your approach shot. Him finishing in front of you has zero impact on how well you performed compared to him. Yet if you simply show up and play in enough events where he easily beats you, you'll end up with a solid world ranking. This is an absurd system. When I researched OWGR, I was simply shocked it was how some random guy created an invitation list for a tournament and because golf feels the need to be so full of tradition they just made that the official world rankings.

Don't get me wrong, the top OWGR guys are all very good DFS plays because they are winners. However, after a certain point you're not dealing with anything at all reliable. I'm not sure at which point it gets diluted, but after a certain point, that metric becomes just as unstable as Bitcoin. I find it very amusing that the indicator that showed me the flaws with OWGR after a certain stage is named Satoshi. I'm also fully aware of how difficult it is to quantify something so intangible as golf. However, there's no doubt in my mind that there must be a significantly better manner than what is currently used.

But, whether or not my hunch is right or wrong, we still have a system where the data is all secretly gathered and stored by the PGA. That's something everyone should be aware of as they set their lineups.

Good luck everyone. Will dive deeper into the shots gained after I get around to buying and reading the book and finally finish analyzing that data. I could very well come back here in two weeks apologizing for my ignorance that gave me the gall to question such genius. In the meantime, good luck grinding out there and I'll post again in a few days with my player pool for the next event.
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Major Headlines (Coindesk) Early Investors in Telegram Crypto See 400% Returns — But Buyers Risk It All Bitcoin’s Price is Up More Than $1K Since Bakkt Futures News This ICO Startup Didn’t Die During Crypto Winter. It Has DAI to Thank World Bank Sells $33.8 Million More of Its Private Ethereum Blockchai Bonds ‘Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire’ Willing to Stake it All on Metal Pay BitMEX Exchanges to Block Users in Hong Kong, Bermuda and Seychelles Crypto Exchange Binance Announces New Stablecoin Initiative
Takeaway Early Investors in Telegram Crypto See 400% Returns — But Buyers Risk It All • Telegram’s long-awaited blockchain, Telegram Open Network, is said to be scheduled to launch Oct. 31, but the yet-to-be-issued gram tokens are already trading in an unauthorized secondary market. • Telegram has yet to publicly or formally acknowledge the project, but investors in last year’s $1.7 billion token offering, widely publicized in the press, are selling their gram allocations via OTC desks, exchanges and special-purpose vehicles. • Purchasing tokens this way might be risky, investors warn, as Telegram specifically prohibited investors from re-selling their allocations under penalty of terminating the purchase contract. • Secondary buyers may end up with nothing.
Bitcoin’s Price is Up More Than $1K Since Bakkt Futures News • Bitcoin has risen by $1,000 since Friday’s announcement by Bakkt exchange that it will be launching physically-settled bitcoin futures on Sept. 23. The price rise has neutralized the bearish setup on the intraday charts seen last week. • The gains could be extended further to $11,000, as the hourly chart is reporting a bullish continuation pattern. • The weekly chart continues to call a deeper pullback to $9,000 with key moving averages (MAs) producing a first bearish crossover since February. • A weekly close above $12,000 is needed for a complete bullish revival.
This ICO Startup Didn’t Die During Crypto Winter. It Has DAI to Thank • Monolith turned a $16.9 million ICO into $25 million-worth of assets by riding the bull market of 2017 then taking out DAI loans. • This DAI strategy is increasingly common among ethereum-centric startups. • MakerDAO and Monolith are now collaborating to connect DeFi loans to a European Visa debit card. • Ether fans can spend crypto with a Visa debit card because Monolith liquidates designated funds on the back-end, providing the merchant with fiat.
World Bank Sells $33.8 Million More of Its Private Ethereum Blockchain Bonds • The World Bank raised another $50 million AUD ($33.8 million U.S.) by selling the “blockchain-operated debt instrument” (bond-i) • World Bank’s head of funding: “We are happy to see the continued, strong support and collaboration from investors and partners.The World Bank’s innovation and experience in the capital markets is key to working with our member countries to increase digitization to boost productivity in their economies and accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.”.
‘Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire’ Willing to Stake it All on Metal Pay • Metallicus, the startup behind the peer-to-peer payments platform Metal Pay, received an undisclosed angel investment from the youngest bitcoin millionaire, Erik Finman. • Metal Pay has processed approximately $11 million in total payments from nearly 130,000 registered users across 38 states. • Finman staked a modest amount of bitcoin to finance the development of the banking and exchange ecosystem, he said, which currently holds approximately $2 million in crypto and fiat on the platform.
BitMEX Exchanges to Block Users in Hong Kong, Bermuda and Seychelles • BitMEX has added three Bermuda, Hong Kong, and the Seychelles to its list of total trade access restrictions • “The increased involvement of regulators with all the major players in the industry is not only to be expected, it is to be welcomed. It is the mission of good regulators to ensure that honest citizens are not being cheated . . . For this reason, we have decided to restrict access to BitMEX for users in the jurisdictions in which HDR-affiliated employees and offices are located.”
Crypto Exchange Binance Announces New Stablecoin Initiative • Binance has announced that it’s launching a project that will develop cryptocurrencies and digital assets pegged to fiat currencies around the world. • Binance said it’s seeking to create new partnerships with governments, enterprises and cryptocurrency and blockchain firms to assist the effort. • Binance co-founder Yi He :“We believe that in the near and long term, stablecoins will progressively replace traditional fiat currencies in countries around the world, and bring a new and balanced standard of the digital economy. We hope to achieve a vision, that is, to reshape the world financial system, allow countries to have more tangible financial services and infrastructures, protect their financial security and increase the economic efficiency of countries.”
(All citations of the News Digest are taken from Coindesk.)
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Time in Crypto changed how I look at this sector. In time, you will change too so try and be smart til then.

(TL,DR below) I didn’t know The Overnight Teenage Bitcoin Millionaires who everyone is so envious of… are Myth, like Pegasus or The Cheeseman. I literally thought everyone, well, most people, were making 34334% returns all day. I learned that the legend, Bitcoin MegaPimp, made a legit, significant, and consistent investment (way more than his lunch $ or few hundred bucks) when this whole thing started! Many of us are feeling the past week drop hard because we possibly dropped a little more than we could afford and watched it disappear overnight… Not MegaPimp. He sat through volatility and price dips so long and hardcore that there is no definition for it because nothing has even been close to that hardcore yet. MegaPimp understands NooB distress because he too lost EVERYTHING over (32.00 to 2.00 in 2011) and over (Mt.Gox) and over and over again for the span of 8+ years! It took guts, risk, discipline, and a true belief (that he backed by putting up his own capitol) in what Bitcoin will do for society to become MegaPimp. He didn’t get lucky by throwing a few hundred bucks at the coin of the day for a week or 2… it took years, and he deserves it.
At this point, the price of Bitcoin doesn’t really matter to me anymore. It won’t matter to you either once you see what this transition is all about. I would read posts of people who said that verbatim and think they were such self-entitled cocksuckers cause even a baboon cares about the price, right? Sure, but not when you mature in this market and realize what the pro hodlers mean when they say “now is always the time right time to buy.” What Bitcoin stands for and what it will do is the key that will carry disciplined investors to MegaPimp. If you don't know a thing about crypto, try to understand hodl until you can take the time to properly learn about the tech we are all throwing $ at. Buy Bitcoin and hodl it.
I didn’t realize what unregulated really meant. As the herd begins to meander into crypto, they will be blinded by the stories of fast $. They will think they need to get a lot of bitcoin for the price to matter and yield an awesome return because .01 of anything is pretty much nothing. Obvi. But... the partys already started (or warming up at least) and BTC is rather expensive for a whole 1, so the herd buys bags of shitcoins in hopes that hodl will one day = moon. Markets correct, other coins look better, we learn how to transfer coin, shoulda–woulda-coulda, panic sell once or twice and before you know it everything is lost and gone. Manipulation is not just part of the game, it’s the entire show! People act surprised about this. Every single day, dudes get into some steam git room / forum or some shit and talk about which coins to pump. Whales pump those coins and people chasing riches get caught in the storm and left empty handed. I learned all of the exchanges offer perks that give order book advantages to whales who offer liquidity to their exchanges (they access order details the public cannot see). There are no rules and no enforcers! Accusing others of “insider trading and manipulation” when that is all this market is and will be based on every day is so dumb in a decentralized and unregulated market. During those times when “it’s not fair” happens to you, it probably isn’t, but nothing can or will be done about it. Bitcoin allows us the opportunity to control 100% of our money 100% of the time. In conjunction with that is our personal responsibility to protect that asset while avoiding unnecessary risk.
TL,DR: Don’t be stupid. Overnight Millionaires are unicorns and unless you make a pretty huge investment before its way too late, those days have past. Understand that the volatility may force you to leave your $ in a wallet for a while to avoid taking a loss, so expect to leave your funds put. Decentralized and unregulated means there are no rules and no one to help enforce anything. Insider trading and exchange manipulation thrive here 24/7, people scam, exchanges cheat, and if you try to trade shitcoins, your face will get destroyed super mega. Most of the time, we are not even trading with human beings on the exchanges… it’s some fuckin robot program or some R2D2 bullshit that is trying to emotionally price fuck you into panic so you make a mistake! Sounds like some jaded shit, lol, but I’m serious! Don’t be the one that gets burned trying to turn the hooker into a housewife messing around with shitcoins tryin to get rich quick. You will get rich… over time; if you buy bitcoin, hodl, and try to not be stupid while learning from peoples mistakes and experiences instead of reading posts and stories simply for kicks and entertainment.
Good luck. 2018 will be awesome.
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I'm desperated, depressed and have other problems

Hi everyone!
First of all, sorry if my English isn't quite understandable, I'm writing from Hungary. I would explain my whole story but I haven't really slept well for a very long time and I don't really that energy to write everything down in one round, I'll try to place the missing infos in the comments.
I'm 21 years old right now, having a quite bad family background: lived in a foster family since I was 1, foster mother died when I was 5, foster father is an alcoholic, my mother lives in Austria, I met with my father when I was 19. We always had very bad financial problems.
I started working when I was 16, next to it I tried to finish school but I couldn't.
I got a new job (Apartment receptionist) when I got 17. My salary is still low but when I became 18, I moved away from my foster family to my workplace. I got a room here, don't have to pay rent, my salary is still really bad (depends on my work hours but it's between 200-400$/month), but I as I didn't have to pay for about anything just for food it was quite good living for me, I could even save sometimes some money for some little things I have dreamed about. I know jump in time.
Last year, I always played gambling games but just for fun with small money. In the spring last year I found one of the Bitcoin Dice Game site. Started playing just to get to know the game and after some hours I made a strategy and deposited 200$ in BTC. My strategy made it up to 2000$ which was a really high money for me. Bought a gaming laptop for 1000$ (I never had a good PC or anything just old shits and sometimes consoles which have been sold sooner or later because money issues), new phone (had mostly low budget cheap shits), and stuff like that. For me it was like becoming a millionaire. Months passed. Shit hit the fan. Money is running out, the company has really bad years, way lower money for me (once or twice hit 300$/month but mostly it was way under). Here I failed, too. Started gambling again, same game, almost same strategy, just with a one bigger problem: got addicted. Lost my money, borrowed some lost it, cheated my bank after I found a "bug", lost it. Lost everything, sold everything, everything I finally got after dreaming got lost. I know that all this was my fault after I got greedy, didn't cared about what I do with whose money.
My problem is...? I can't get out of this, my total debt is about 3500$ in total (and not for one place or person), which is a HUGE amount of money and not just for me, but for most of the hungarians. I really would like to somehow get out of this, it's a really bad life lesson what I have learned, but I'm just getting depressed, having worse and worse health issues day by day, had several times suicidal toughts that it would be the easiest way out of this. Why I think this? I had the idea to ask for a loan from a bank, pay all these debts and pay back safely, monthly, slowly. I can't because of my low salary. Family? Actually I think they might be in worse situation then me. Friends? My (very few) friends are same age like me, but they are in school, they have decent life but none of them could help me with this amount. Boss? Doesn't help, the amount is about one year of my total salary. Thought about crowdfunding, but I know no one would help me as all this is my fault and I'm just a stranger. So, that's why I'm here now. My last hope for an advice that might can help me. I'm all ears for all the thoughts and advices. Thanks!
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Help Me To Become Crypto Millionaire ! I want this story to spread across the world through internet portals.

I'm serious !
If you can not donate, please share my story or if you have portals publish this .
How many times have you invested in some fake ICO or fake cloud mining? This is none of the above ! Do you want to do something good? I do not want to cheat anyone with fake ICO projects or Cloud mining. I just want a great cryptocurrency community to help me to release my life goal.
I want to build a group of people from all over the world who will help me to become a CRYPTO millionaire in the shortest possible period and I want this story to spread across the world through internet portals.
Please scroll down to read briefly and find the addresses where you can donate.
I will begin campaign 01 December 2018. Can we raise funds by December 31?
Send to:
Bitcoin: 3L7QcmA74dtrRBJ7s9XNs2J4k3Try6JBiF
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FROM 1$ TO $1,000,000 EVERYTHING IS WELCOME. ANYONE WHO SENDS CRYPTO AND WANTS TO TALK CAN CONTACT ME: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Why do I want to become a crypto millionaire?
First of all, I want to thank everyone who visited my website. I am male and live in one country that is in EU and because of my safety, if we succeed in this plan, I do not want to discover my identity. Anyone who wants to talk to me can always get via e-mail and Skype (video call is possible). Like someone who is young and has an ambition in life and a big lover of crypto currency, I want to build a group of people from around the world who will help me to become a crypto millionaire? Is it possible? I think that it is because a large number of people use cryptocurrency all over the world and I am one of those who believe that cryptocurrency will be replaced one day and wipe paper money. I can talk to you about my hard life, but I do not want it because I do not want you to make me a crypto millionaire for you sorrow, but for your kindness YES ! As you know cryptocurrency is a LARGE community all over the world and a large number of people hold it. Imagine that a large number of people give me a little cryptocurrency? No one would feel damaged it, but I would experience my life goal to be a millionaire, and especially in cryptocurrency. Just imagine that 1000 people send me on average 0.25 BTC and? I'm already a millionaire?! Imagine the same thing that 20.000 people send me on average 0.0125 BTC and? I'm already a millionaire?! Simple or? Let's try ! I want to spread this story as much as possible throughout the whole Internet. I will do the best on my side to advertise and contact a lot of portals about the cryptocurrency to spread my story and anyone who is good and has a good sincere intention to help me please do this to me because it will mean to me very much as it would mean to everyone. My goal is if I reach the first million to quit the campaign. How will you know if the campaign is going well or not? You have a wallet address that I posted so you can check transactions at any time.
Let's have a great cryptocurrency community to unite and make me a millionaire!
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Weekly Crypto Recap for the week ending July 27

Developments in Financial Services


General News

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10-17 07:23 - 'This is a post may cost you a Ferrari!' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/yodoshine removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-3min


2 days ago,I saw a Bitcoin challenge([[link]4 )on twitter, I'm happy because I feel like I had a chance to be a millionaire, but when the website shows 310 BTC challenge was solved on 12 oct. I felt so bad.

According to Q&A on the website, the owner said it's just for fun. And after watch the cracking procedure on youtube it turns out that even if I saw this website at the beginning, I still didn't have a chance to win the challenge.

I'm not clever enough to be a programmer, it seems only the top of them can solve it.

So, May I ask you guys on this sub for a new challenge like: Travel around the world by motorcycle in 80 days to win 80 BTC.(I can risk my life in it)

Why you ask for this challenge?

Because I'm at the edge of bankrupt(sh*t happens), at the end of last year, My EX broke up with me and married a rich guy now(it happens),in my country you need a car and a house,then a girl will marry you under most circumstances.My dog ran away from home (He can watch porn with me for hours,he's a good dog),My company arrears of wages for 4 months...So I quit the job went into cryptocurrency hope I can get rich, unfortunately, my money all gone(it happens too)

And Now I'm in debt which worth 8 BTC(It's a ridiculous number I know).when this month comes end, the bank will take suitable legal actions against me.Actually,I wanna suicide a couple days ago,I'm such a loser,never achived something in my life.Definately I'm not the most miserable person in this world,but I'm a miserable one indeed.

Why post this on this sub?
Because there's a person willing to giveaway 310 BTC just for a puzzle game,I thought maybe I had chance to let some generous guys be my sponsor.

Ask your parents or friends for help?

Sometimes a stranger better than a friend,and my parents can't afford my debt,They are just farmers,I didn't let them know,I feel sorry for them.

Why don't you try crowdfunding on Kickstarter?

I don't have a product such as a magic vibrator can make all girls orgasm,besides,I'm running out of time.

Why don't you just ask for 8 BTC to clean your debt?
Good Question,If I ask for 8 BTC to clean my debt and someone donates me,there will be more and more people to ask it on this sub,I'm not a beggar.I won't say Im in end-stage cancer to gain sympathy or something like that.

So I ask for a challenge,My life worth 80 BTC by now I think.

If I donate you,what's your plan?

I never go abroad before,I need 3 months to prepare,get a driver license,go to the gym,buy a motorcycle and some gears,and I need about $20000-30000 in my bank account to prove my wealth to get VISAs.Clean my [debt.So]2 ,at the start,I need about 20 BTC.
The most important thing is that I want to get together with my family during the new year,I don't know if I had a chance to stay with them the year after next.

Why should I trust you?if you got 20 BTC and disappear

Im a loser,not a scammer, do the math,80>20,I will try my best to get 80 BTC,and If I failed or die on the journey,I will return the rest of money by claim it on my testament,and If you do willing to donate me,I will send you my ID files before transaction.

Speaking of scammers,I've seen a lot of them,the Vitalik(Elon Musk) ETH giveaway scam,fake phising Myetherwallets(OKEX,Bittrex etc.),sometimes even I'm on the official site I feel like it's a fake,and various scams on telegram and Slack.Honestly,I've been think about to run a scam too,but, it's a slash of conscience to cheat someone like me.So I didn't do it.I prefer ask someone willing to pay this challenge which makes no difference to his financial statements.

Also I want to prove there's Love&Trust in Cryptocurrency.

What's in it for me?
You can set the route and some missions for me,like cross the Sahara desert alone(I might die in it).Stay in Newyork or London at least 1 day,not TAG by someone on this sub(TAG means without being aware of it,someone stick an logo of Reddit on my back and take a picture then upload to this sub)

Here's something crazy I'm unable to do:




If I failed,you lose less than 20 BTC,if I made it,you lose less than 80 BTC.But it will be fun.
I will broadcast my journey on Instagram or youtube everyday,and paint your BTC adress on my bike(if you allow me to do this),if I win the challenge,I would run a noodle house,Return the profits of 3 years to you,and everyone on this sub who replies my post will be the VIP for 1year,VIP means free,in spite of you won't able to come everyday...
I promise I will try my best to help other people in the rest of my life.

If nobody wants to help you,what's you plan?

I do have a plan B, in the next few days,I will share some fun stories which happend in my life by post here everyday till Oct.31 to change you guys' minds,after that,It dosen't matter,I had to say this is extremely high possible to me.

After all,life needs miracle!

Forgive my poor English,I didn't learn it hard on my college.

Don't judge me,if no one donate me on this sub ,Judgement day will come to me at Oct.31,No more judgement cuz I'm the guy bear the consequences

I just want to ~~get my life back~~ start a new life if I'm lucky

If you have interest to donate me,contact: [[link]9

We can discuss the details of challenge.

Thank you for reading this ~~shitty~~ post.
This is a post may cost you a Ferrari!
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: yodoshine
1: bi*c*in*hallenge.c**es* 2: deb*.*o 3: mailto:Email:[email protected] 4: bitcoinch**len****odes*]^^1 5: i**edd.**/4l*bb*uz4ps1*.gif 6: i.r***x*j2wn25ps*1*gi* 7: i.*e*d.i*/s*hpttm95*s*1*gif 8: i.r*dd.*t/pv2q*9**5ps1*.*if 9: Email:[email protected]]3
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Weekly Crypto News Recap for the Week ending July 27

Developments in Financial Services


General News

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Please help edit this response to NY BitLicense proposal. If passed 'as-is' the proposed rules will shut my business plans down; yet the lawyers claim to improve the jobs market with these rules.

August 5, 2014
DFS Office of General Counsel - Dana V. Syracuse, New York State Department of Financial Services, One State Street, New York, NY 10004,
Greetings Dana V. Syracuse,
Money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal activities are of grave concern to both Virtual Currency operators and law enforcement organizations. Like old fashioned cash, Bitcoin related technologies can contribute to illicit activity. Neither the business community nor the public want Virtual Currencies to fall into the realm of black markets. Practical and informed regulation is needed in this industry to ensure a safe and accessible experience for all participants. Please know that the distributed computing technologies that make Bitcoin possible are extremely powerful to change the world drastically. We will all have a better outcome if regulators work amicably with the developers of these systems.
Because of the shear power of distributed technologies, we need lawmakers to produce regulations which are perceived by all to be fair for all and in the best interest of all. We need smart rule-making that specifically enables innovation, openness, and fairness. These are the traits that have made Virtual Currencies popular in the first place, and it is imperative that the rules governing them inspire the same confidence among all people. Practically speaking, virtual currencies handle worldwide transactions for free. Savings accounts, payments, transfers and trading are all essentially free when done using virtual currencies. As software and services are built on top, these services can and will be made available to the poorest among us for free. Smart, innovative, regulations will help all consumers safely realize that promise sooner.
Besides the coming help for consumers, virtual currencies are also perfectly suited for business much the same as web-pages are. Nearly every successful business today has a web presence in some form and no one can argue against the value that web pages have provided both to business and consumers. Every business should have its own digital currency for several practical reasons: to manage coupons, promotions, in store credit, exchanges, and gift cards. In order to fully utilize the benefit of Virtual Currencies, businesses also need the ability to utilize other practical functionality which is offered by digital assets. Many of these new features are currently in early design and implementation stages. Examples include brilliant work that will allow for automated accounting, automated repurchase of inventory, Cut and Paste business models, smart contracts, payroll, etc. A primary concern of the BitLicense regulation is that there are no built in allowances to promote ongoing innovations that promise to streamline a spectrum of business and financial processes.
While Virtual Currencies are an amazing equalizing force for both consumers and business, the distributed computing eco-system has already evolved to provide even more business and financial services. Now, whole systems of trust and business relationships are being developed and managed by open source computer code. These systems are fair, transparent, and help all participants get exactly what they were expecting out of any business relationship. Programmers are attempting to build a world where no one cheats because the computing arrangement over which deals are made prevent any participant from cheating. Ongoing development of the underlying distributed computing software systems is crucial to a favorable outcome for consumers in this world. Additionally, when all virtual currency and distributed computing related software is kept open source, these streamlined business activities become just as affordable to implement for Jan's Sandwiches as they are for Walmart and Starbucks to implement.
A practical example of how the New York BitLicense regulations might harm consumers is as follows: Imagine that a consumer has $1.73 left on 12 different store's gift cards. From personal experience, these cards get lost when the balance drops into that range because its more trouble than its worth to claim that last bit of value. However, with a trade-able store credit and the magic of Virtual Currencies, the consumer is now empowered to trade those (12) random $1.73 cards in for (1) $20.76 card to the store of his or her choice. Of course business owners should have the right to choose whether or not they want to participate, but this arrangement is obviously fair to the consumer who purchased the credits at fair value. Clearly, section 200.3 (c)(2) of proposed regulation is not sufficient to allow small businesses to offer many of the consumer enhancing services which Virtual Currencies easily make possible. Businesses need the freedom to issue their own virtual currency as easily as starting up a web-page, and it is in the best interest of consumers that they be allowed to trade any virtual currency freely.
FinCEN made a good common sense adjustment in their regulations on small businesses with regard to the buying and selling of precious metals. For example, as long as a business owner keeps their buying and selling at a hobby level of less than $50,000 per year, they are exempt from licensing. This is a very effective way to let someone design a business model and try it out; if they can make money, they can then seek investors and progress towards full compliance with standard regulatory policies. We can set the expectation that new digital currency business ventures shall be vigilant to prevent their services from being used to launder money or finance terrorists without the costs normally associated with a full KYC/AML program compliance.
At minimum, New York should allow for a Bit-Startup-License that costs a reasonable amount, $25.00 per year for example. It should be issued by FinCEN so that there is only one license required nationwide. It should be for businesses who have annual revenue of $250,000 or less and there should be an automatic inflation adjustment since we would want this regulation to be just as practical 25 yrs. from now. The simple, straight forward process of retaining customer identities on accounts could be as simple as keeping a drivers license and utility bill on file. A simple requirement to track large transactions over 10K per day is also manageable. By keeping all of the required processes low cost, simple, and practical, we can prevent money laundering and criminal activity without hindering the amazing innovations that digital currencies represent. As a bonus, we might actually create new jobs in this country where they are needed most. If a state must amend the FinCEN rules it would be most practical for all that they keep the amendments to federal regulation to a minimum; otherwise consumers will incur increased costs and lower quality services.
There is a huge cost of "lost opportunity" which is not considered accurately in the — RIS, a Regulatory Impact Statement which is required by New York law. We small and start-up business owners have friends and family that also see the vision for benefit that Virtual Currencies offer to all of mankind. We are working together to implement these technologies to provide innovative new services that will make people's lives better. We can work our day jobs and go home at night and learn and program and make these innovations happen. We can do this, and we can do it without big money. When regulations require that small start-up businesses must obtain large amounts of capital to hire teams of people to perform arbitrary regulatory tasks, the natural effect is to prevent these small businesses from ever starting up. The natural effect is to prevent these engines of job creation from ever getting off the ground. What in these regulations will help someone in Jarrell, TX start an international trading company that provides jobs to disadvantaged mothers in South Carolina and Texas and valuable services to the citizens of New York and the rest of America?
If there is no help, and if there is no consideration for cost of compliance for small businesses, then all should assume the obvious: These regulations are designed to keep power and money and opportunity firmly in the grasp of the clinched fists of those who have it already. People are desperate for jobs in this country. The people who have jobs are desperate to keep them. The whole of our current financial system is designed to systematically keep the average citizen in desperate conditions. It is designed to keep them working as cogs on a wheel working for the owners of the machines. There is pent up demand to change this, and when the time is right, change will come. The owners of the machines should realize that this is good for all. When people are free to realize their true potential, great progress is made that will benefit all. Would you rather be a king in 1292, or a lowly multi-millionaire today? Uninhibited development of digital currencies will make everyone's lives better.
Those who desire to keep a stranglehold on money will best serve their own interests by letting go and encouraging this renaissance. All of us will be better off if our current financial system embraces these innovations. Rather than attempt to stifle competition from digital currencies via regulation, the current financial services industry should compete with their own innovations that provide basic banking and investment services to individual consumers for free. People at the lower fringes of our economy are suffering. It is time for changes that are designed to help them succeed. Virtual Currencies, distributed computing, and automated business entities offer opportunity to all who are allowed to participate. To raise the barrier to entry in this field accomplishes no more than to push the poor further into poverty.
Furthermore, the BitLicense regulations have failed to accommodate new distributed protocols that are currently in development or that have been recently released. These distributed technologies apply to more than money now. Whole business models will soon be implemented as a distributed computer script; and once those scripts are started, even the "issuer" has no control from that point forward. If the script makes profit, it will provide whatever service it provides forever. It will pay fees, investors, and vendors as stipulated in the founding instructions which are fairly and transparently programmed into the business model from the beginning. It is mind-blowing what can be done not only in the financial sector, but for all business. Human ownership is no longer required. Competition and constant honing of these scripts will lead to almost all services being delivered to consumers at near cost and many services for free. Fairness and transparency will be built into these systems because trust and reputation are the only real requirements for doing business. Any person who claims an interest in advancing the quality of human life is wise to protect and foster open source software development. Ad hoc, status quo regulations will not serve the common good in this case. It is imperative that these systems remain transparent and fair. If not, the real criminals will find a way to go dark and the general public will be saddled with ongoing economic hardship round the world.
Despite the wild west and unregulated nature of Bitcoin, it has created many jobs and opportunity for a variety of people. The community has made every effort to protect its participants from losing money. As with stock market investing, some retail investors lose. The regulated economy does no better; when a company goes bankrupt, it is of little consequence to the holder of common shares when they receive a $2.51 settlement. Consumers are best served simply by warning them and educating them that the virtual currency sector is uninsured and that all invested funds are at risk. The proposed regulations admit that they do nothing to insure customer funds or the value of virtual currencies. Participants should be informed that to participate is to risk full losses. The proposed regulations do nothing to mitigate the risk of full losses, and therefore, the cost of implementing the regulations in their current form is not justified. These proposed regulations are appropriate only for a firm that does want to establish SPIC insurance protection for its customers.
Finally, with regards to the prohibition of the release of new virtual currencies; this is not consistent with judicial precedent and should absolutely be removed from the proposed regulations. Open source code is protected free speech. Individuals have a fundamental human right to communicate freely and privately with each other. These proposed regulations will infringe on many people's ability to freely communicate with persons in the state of New York.
Please consider withdrawing the BitLicense proposal at this time for the following practical reasons:
  1. Virtual Currencies are international endeavours and are regulated more efficiently at the federal level.
  2. These BitLicense regulations have no accurate consideration for the costs of lost opportunity from their effective suppression of low capital start-ups in the virtual currency and distributed computing industries.
  3. There has been no demonstration of harm done --due to lack of regulation-- to consumers in the state of New York or elsewhere.
  4. The application of existing law has been effectively used to curtail unlawful and damaging activities which use virtual currencies. Examples of good use of existing law include a ponzi scheme bust in Texas, the silk road bust, and the bankruptcy case for Mt.Gox.
  5. These regulations have no educated provisions for distributed trading and data exchange systems like the NXT Asset Exchange platform, Open Tranactions, Mastercoin, Ethereum, or Maidsafe.
  6. These regulations do not comply with previous court rulings. Two federal appeals courts have established the rule that cryptographic software source code is speech protected by the First Amendment (the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Bernstein case and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Junger case).
Thank you for taking the time to read these concerns.
James Andrews
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What should I do? Too late, right in the middle of the beginning or what? Where are we now?

I was one of the few who used E-Gold and watched that get taken down and crash losing their money. This turned me off of bitCoin.
What makes bitcoin useful is that is the exact opposite of FIAT currency or something like E-GOLD which is basically alternate currency still connected to the FIAT and GOLD.
If I would've gone on my instincts that this was the case when bitcoins were 1,309 for 1USD, I'd have gotten enough to change my life by now! Now I don't know if I would've gotten out too early or what, so I can't really be sure.
What I do know is that I'm looking for an "in" and I want to try my best to predict when the next big break will be.
Along with the rest of those people who are probably millionaires by now, I knew that crash was coming based upon those "external" "extra-national" factors which caused bitcoin to become so valuable.
Now that that big crash is out of the way, what is in store for the future? I know this thread has been done many times but I am a new individual and this is my first thread and basically only care right now.
Will there be another big break, a big crash based upon an event or trajectory in the near future related to regulations and a devaluation?
Is it too late to buy in and still make profits large enough to change everything?
I know that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to EVER see prices approach 10 dollars again, let alone .06 CENTS. I'm still kicking myself and will probably be depressed over it for the next 35 years unless an asteroid hits or the banking system crashes the economy. . .
With that said, is LITECOIN and alternate coins popping up WORTH INTEREST? Will they too, in time, show the promise and appeal that comes with a second currency and EXPLODE into a higher price range near BTC?
I feel that BTC will have to crash slightly at some point just to balance out and that there will be a last ditch speculative investment opportunity but after that there will be a continued growth into a new currency.
THIS, can't be shut down like other "e-currencies" and on top of that it's actually legitimate for the fact that it can't be cheated or faked as long as no big corporations decide to try and hack it or shut it down/crash it.
WHERE are the next leading investments pointing towards? BTC or an alternative COIN or will the government place a regulation that will limit the growth?
I don't see that limitation as possible as the growth is heading WORLDWIDE now. Plus with mainstream attention the masses will be opening up to it. Maybe not as rapidly as the geeks and techies did, but eventually.
Thanks for all the help and links to charts and various videos. There are TONS of intellectuals tied into this, it's literally like the worlds genius internet savants and geekie techies got together to create a world currency.
Sure, call it a get rich quick plan FOR THEM, but look, they just changed the world forever, possibly opening up such situations for us. What's the price of that?
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