Can Bitcoin Be Hacked? Why Don't You Get Hacked And Find Out!

A view of NXT from a newcommer.

I am quite familiar with the crypto world. I own coins in BTC, LTC, DOGE, COYE, and a slew of other alt currencies. So when I stumbled upon NXT, I thought it would be another copycat coin. One that I can sign to a pool, make a new .bat file, and start mining several thousand and hope they go up in value enough to buy a new camera.
Boy was I wrong.
Instead I found this fascinating coin that solves nearly all of the problems Bitcoin (and as a result every other altcoin - no matter what they tell you). It doesn't require a $10,000 investment to mine a coin, it doesn't need mining pools, it really is a revolutionary idea in the crypto world. And one that I feel will be here for the long run.
In my opinion - I see a big fight between Bitcoin and NXT in the long run. They both offer unique advantages. It will be tough to fully overcome Bitcoin, but I think NXT will be a really great option.
However, man is this CONFUSING!!!
This is by far the worst documented and confusing crypto I have come across. The ten thousand word thesis that is on the Bitcointalk forum, the wiki, just everything is terribly confusing. There are no straightforward answers to things.
Why do you think Dogecoin is so successful right now?
  1. It was the 'first' major meme coin - this appeals to the masses
  2. It is fun and funny to be a part of - this appeals to the masses
  3. It is super easy to get started - this appeals to the masses
  4. All questions are answered by the super helpful community - this appeals to the masses
See a trend? NXT is NOT appealing to casual crypto users and DEFINITELY not someone who has never participated in a cryptocoin. And that is the major hurdle that needs to be passed.
The website does a pretty good job with instructions to set up for the first time, but even after doing that I didn't really know what I was doing or what the point was.
Ok, I got a local online wallet thing - now what?
How do I get coins? What do I do now?
So it seems like the NXT coin and its respective communities need to start being more interactive, more conducive to new users, start getting the media excited, streamline and condense information that is already out there, and just make this whole NXT thing easier to understand and be a part of.
Just my .02 NXT
I am still a bit confused as to how to get more NXT. Do I just sit here with my online account open and generate more coins or what? Or is the only way to get more coins for people to send them to me?
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Using Bit Pay (On NewEgg) - How do you get the Address ?

O.K. They want you to scan a QR code to send the funds ... I am sending the funds from GDAX (No fees) ... They want me too download one of their compatible wallets - transfer funds there - then send the funds to their QR address at this point.
This means I pay fines for transferring my BitCoin ...
Is there a way, any app or anything - where I can just scan a Bitcoin QR code and get the actual BC address without having to use THEIR wallet to send the funds from ?
Kinda BS BitPay (NewEgg's BitCoin processor) doesn't simply give you a BC Payment address. No idea why they wouldn't ..
Sure it's because people "Claimed" they sent the funds to the wronng address - which screws those of us who actually know how to coy & paste as well as verify we copies and pasted the right information ...
So frustrated right now ... Found a 1080 (not TI) for $649.99 RIGHT when bitcoin was at $11,000 plus ... BC price plunged since and the unit is no longer available ...
Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but what do you do ? I wouldn't even send BC anywhere for a GPU unless it was a reuptable site lke NewEgg or Amazon period - but when they make it though tough ? Come on ...
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Welcome new users! Please look here for information regarding how to get started.

Welcome! We are happy you came to see what we are all about :)
First, if you are new to Reddit as well, please feel free to comment. We have an entire community to help you as much as possible with all of your questions.
So, what is a DogeCoin?
A DogeCoin (dohj-coy-n) is a CryptoCurrency (or Digital Currency). "Crypto-" meaning secured digitally, and currency meaning... You guessed it! Money.
DogeCoin is often referred to as Doge, for short.
If you click on this link (highlighted blue), you will be taken to an informative video on DogeCoin
How do I receive funds?
To get started, you need a wallet. There are a few to choose from, but here are the 3 approved ones:
I have the wallet... Now what?
If you downloaded the Official wallet for desktop, allow time for it to synchronize. This is is a verification process to ensure all coins are real and not counterfeited.
If you are ready to move on, let's walk you through the wallet.
  • Step 1: Locate the wallet address on your wallet. It should look like this random string of numbers and letters. (wowdoge wallet used as an example). This is your Receiveing address, this is where people send you money.
  • Step 2: Get Doge. By commenting here, people will usually give you a few Doge to start with. I'll explain how to move the Doge from Reddit to your wallet later.
    To buy Doge, go to or to buy DogeCoin with PayPal or Debit/Credit.
    To buy in large quantities at a fair price, you might need to use an exchange. Such as (reccomended for new users),, or
    All of these will ask for your DogeCoin address, so make sure you copy and paste instead of typing individual letters and numbers.
Can I send money?
Of course! Addresses come in 2 formats. A lengthy string of letters and numbers to copy and paste, and a clean QR code. (Here's an example)
I'm sure you've seen QR codes everywhere, but not all of them are addresses.
Here is an example of how to send money using the full address. (MultiDoge used for example.)
Here is an example with wowdoge, due to different formatting. Just hit "SEND NOW" and fill it out
Only wowdoge wallet and the Android wallet support QR codes as of right now. Here is an example of me scanning the code with wowdoge. As you can see, it automatically added the address after I scanned the photo
QRs are very useful when using mobile wallets, because all you have to do is scan and press send. Which makes buying at stores very easy.
What is DogeTipBot?
DogeTipBot is a bot (an automated user) made by user Mohland for Reddit specifically.
To register for use of the DogeTipBot, please click here and press "send" to send the premade form.
You will receive an address, which you can send Doge to for you to give to people here on Reddit.
You can also just try and get Doge by being active in the Reddit community, nice people here hand out small amounts to people all the time!
To withdraw the money you were tipped, just click here and replace "ADDRESS" with your receive address. This may take some time.
To see your balance, click here.
All the listed commands in this section are on the right hand side of /DogeTipBot for quick access.
So why DogeCoin over BitCoin or LiteCoin?
It's what you make of it, I personally appreciate the fast transaction times, the helpful community for when I have a problem, and the fact that we don't have to deal with micro measurements (like a mBTC (micro-BitCoin)). And all transactions cost less than a penny (yep, send more than $1,000,000 worth for less than a penny).
So get out there, earn some Doge, ask some questions, because we are here to help!
This thread is no longer checked, and is used for reference. If you need any help, PM me
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