Electrum Wallet Phishing Attack Nets Hackers $900K in Bitcoin

05-22 20:42 - 'I remember when similar charts were showing for Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin classic or Bitcoin Unlimited those were called alt-coins / Sybil attack and any comments were banned here on r/Bitcoin. Then they told us that nodes didn't count...' by /u/Zyoman removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-9min

I remember when similar charts were showing for Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin classic or Bitcoin Unlimited those were called alt-coins / Sybil attack and any comments were banned here on /Bitcoin. Then they told us that nodes didn't count really, it was miners that were important. An interesting time I must say. Don't get me wrong, if UASF do get activated with a majority of hash power I will gladly continue my journey with Bitcoin... I just don't think it's the proper way to improve the protocol.
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2018 stats for /r/btc

It's the end of the 2018 year, and I wanted to provide some stats on /btc showing our growth and activity for the year.
Traffic by month:
Some other stats and anecdotes:
With that said, I think we had a very successful year in this sub through the use of free speech and a censorship free environment where anyone is welcome to discuss different Bitcoin related topics. Obviously we had some troubles during the year with different challenges and obstacles, which I'm not sure how to overcome them when they happen (Sybil attacks, vote bot manipulation, and so on). A lot of these issues stem from the way the Reddit platform is and is out of our control. Overall, I'd say the year was eventful as usual and I for one am looking forward to the 2019 year. Onward!
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“When coin burn?” Every day, and 400 000 SC so far

A light (but educative) reading for the weekend:
Among the usual tribulations of traders like the occurrence of the moon and the release date of certain Italian luxury car manufacturer, “when Binance” and “when coin burn” are usual questions. The first one is not a thing anymore, so today I am decided to answer the second one :-)
Actually, coin burning has existed on Sia since the origin of the blockchain. Probably many users are not aware of this, but every time a host does not fulfill his obligations in a contract (presenting a valid storage proof), the part of his collateral backing the renter’s files, together with the profit that would be paid from the renter, is burnt. For those unfamiliar, burning consists on sending coins to an address which is extremely unlikely it will be able to be used, as it does not form part of any known wallet. Specifically, funds are being sent to the address 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000089eb0d6a8a69, this is, the address number 0 followed by its checksum of 12 characters.
And how much has been burnt to the present day? The blockchain explorer that I released a couple of months ago, Navigator, among other things allows me to retrieve bulk data from the blockchain, so I am presenting all the collateral being burnt over time in https://siastats.info/macroeconomics (third chart). Overall, 393 000 SC. Little, compared with the current Supply, but it is good to keep track of it.
Do not confuse this source of coin burning with the Proof of Burn mechanics that will be introduced in a future update. Once deployed, hosts will have to burn a specific amount of coins to create a “reputation”, and so preventing Sybil attacks (where the attacker deploys multiple fake hosts to outcompete legit ones) by making them economically unfeasible.
Oh, and before any user starts developing thoughts like “we need a serious burn” or “devs should burn coins”, just remember that unlike most of the coins out there, Siacoins are not issued by the developers, and instead the whole supply is rewarded to miners (pure and fair PoW, like in Bitcoin). This means all the Supply of coins is in the hands of the community. Of course, if you want to contribute to the cause of burning, feel free to send coins to the address mentioned above :-D
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Blockchain and Sustainability

In terms of blockchain algorithms and platforms, sustainability can be interpreted in many ways. On the one hand, anyone who has ever heard about the energy demand of the Bitcoin network can rightly think that the system is pretty far from being considered as sustainable or environmentally friendly. This extreme energy requirement is not necessarily similar however with other blockchain platforms. On the other hand, a number of initiatives have been taken over the past few years to address sustainability or environmental issues with decentralized applications. In this article, we analyze the topic of blockchain and sustainability from these two relatively different point of views.

Consensus and energy consumption

One of the most important components of decentralized platforms is the consensus mechanism. The consensus mechanism is responsible for ensuring that the system is always in a consistent state, meaning that all nodes contain the same information. With other words when someone creates a new transaction, the consensus mechanism ensures that the entire system reaches a single state: either each node finds the transaction valid, or each node finds it invalid.
In public blockchain algorithms, the implementation of the consensus algorithm may be particularly difficult. With such systems, there is always the possibility of a so-called sybil attack, where an external attacker creates a large number of hacked nodes and tries to influence the consensus of the system. Therefore, in such systems, the consensus algorithm is not based on the number of nodes, instead on some other economically scarce or expensive resource. Early day consensus algorithms implemented this resource with computational power (Proof of Work). As a participant in such a consensus compete with each other on a market basis, the total computing power can grow to an extremely large extent to maintain the system and the consensus.
Figure 1, the computational capacity needed to maintain the Bitcoin consensus
(source: https://www.blockchain.com/de/charts/hash-rate?timespan=all)
Of course, the computational capacity that might be extremely high in some places has significant energy consumption, which does not affect the sustainability or the environment positively. It is difficult to explicitly measure this energy consumption, but it can be estimated in two ways. The so-called bottom-up estimation calculates the energy consumption, cooling, and production energy requirements of computing hardware in detail. The other, so called top down approach, takes into account that the participants in the consensus receive profit or reward for their activity. Given that there are many players on the market and that market is pretty competitive, participants can only realize an estimated normal profit and the rest of the revenue can be considered as direct or indirect energy cost. In both cases however, the total amount of estimated energy is significant.
Figure 2. Energy consumption of the Bitcoin network compared to countries.(source: https://bitcoinist.com/huge-wind-farm-to-power-bitcoin-mining-will-be-built-in-north-africa/)
Fortunately, the Bitcoin consensus mechanism was merely the first working mechanism and it is almost certainly not the last. Many research and development focuses on developing faster and more efficient consensus mechanisms that require less energy. In one solution, the critical resource involved in the consensus is not the computational capacity but directly the cryptographic currency. In such so-called proof of stake systems, nodes intercept a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, which is lost if it turns out that they tried to hack the system. Other approaches, called layer 2 scaling solutions, execute most of the transactions not directly on the blockchain but on a separate off-chain transaction channel. Considering that usually every hundreds transaction is executed or synchronized with a blockchain, the overall efficiency is enormously increased.
The area of ​​consensus mechanisms is very actively researched area. Even if the currently most widespread solution are energy demanding, this will most likely not a problem for future blockchain platforms and consensus mechanisms.

Sustainability applications on the blockchain

There are on the other hand a lot of applications and initiatives that try to support or solve sustainability and environmental issues with the help of a blockchain. Of course, many of these initiatives are still in the early stage, so it is too early to evaluate which of them will be real killer sustainability application. Most of these initiatives can be summarized by the following categories:
“Green” energy distribution: One of the applications sustainability and blockchain focuses on the efficient distribution of locally produced “green” energy. Suppose that some residents in a local community install solar cells, and in the case of overproduction of energy they share the extra energy with their neighbors. The blockchain can be used here to accurately and automatically accounting the distributed energy. From a technical point of view, early implementations use Ethereum integrated with local energy IoT devices, creating a so-called smart meter [1].
Figure 3, “green” energy distribution in a local market
(source: https://microgridknowledge.com/blockchain-siemens-lo3-energy/)
Supply chain transparency: The next major area of ​​sustainability applications is to improve the transparency of supply chains and value chains. The first applications come from the area of ​​food production and food distribution, where it is particularly important to keep track of the exact lifespan and raw materials of a food product [2]. For example, if it is found that an agricultural area has been sprayed with harmful substances, all the products directly or indirectly affected should be withdrawn. The technology also provides the opportunity to aggregate certain properties in the supply chain and display them on end products. For example, it is possible to say about a food product that it is made from vegetable ingredients or does not contain gluten, considering the entire production chain. In addition to properties directly related to food, other sustainability parameters can be also measured and aggregated along the supply chain, such as greenhouse gas emission or the proportion of recycled materials used.
Incentives: Blockchain-based incentive systems generally reward some kind of environmentally conscious activity. A classic example is getting a token reward for collecting and recovering recyclable materials [3]. The environmentally conscious activity can be glass recycling, plastic garbage collection or the purchasing services that have a positive overall environmental impact. The motivational token can also be implemented in different ways. It can function as a collectible token, it can work as a local currency to buy different special products, or it can also be a full scale cryptocurrency.
There are a number of other examples and initiatives how blockchain can be used in sustainability or environment protection. Examples include a transparent "green" point system for companies, or a transparent block chain accounting system that tracks charity cash flows. Of course, it is not yet possible to see which application will be a real “killer app” in the area. However, there is a strong chance that many sustainability issues will be better solved with transparent global blockchain systems and decentralized automated organizations than in the current system, which is usually dominated by short-term financial decisions and other local political interests.


[1] SolarCoin, https://solarcoin.org/
[2] FoodTrax, https://www.bcdc.online/foodtrax
[3] Recycle2Coin, https://www.recycletocoin.com/
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Transcript of Proof of Stake & Name Discussion in Slack

Discussion starts off around Tone Vays’ Decred segment
sambiohazard: he is generally pessimistic about altcoins
praxis: Yes, he's a notorious Bitcoin maximalist.
simmysong: what’d he say about decred?
ty13r: weren't you watching the show? @jimmysong I saw your name in the chat
jimmysong: I popped in just now but then he wasn’t talking decred anymore so i left I also didn’t say anything
ty13r: @jimmysong good to know :slightly_smiling_face:
jrick: oh i found my next avatar
ty13r: @jimmysong he talked about the chart for a minute. I'm not sure what else he said prior. not sure what he said after either lol
go1dfish: sounds like he’s fundamentally opposed to proof of stake
sambiohazard: he just said there is probably downside on price, and maybe its warranted for goo future growth he hadnt researched/read about fundamentals so pure TA
ty13r: sounds like he won't like decred because it's has a form of proof of stake built into the protocol sounds like he hates all ideas related to proof of stake
pvtwarren: he hates all ideas that are not bitcoin pretty much
ty13r: except monero and ethereum i guess
pvtwarren: he doesn't hate ethereum?
ty13r: apparently monero and ethereum deserve to be #2 and #3 not sure I don't see why he wouldn't
pvtwarren: back in January I remember he was still calling it a scam maybe I remember incorrectly
cryptocasca: His problem with PoS guys is the "rich people control the blockchain" problem He told me himself
go1dfish: since when is mining cheap?
cryptocasca: He just needs to hear how our devs got around that I'm not agreeing. Obviously. I'm just saying he thinks of PoS is a system where it's the rich people who control the direction of the coin and proletariat eat the crumbs
dustinb: Congrats on the news y'all - what do you think this trend means for the industry at large?
ty13r: Well I'm not exactly sure we really differ. People who hold a lot of decred and stake it, directly control the future of the blockchain.
cryptocasca: I'm not agreeing. Obviously. I'm just saying he thinks of PoS is a system where it's the rich people who control the direction of the coin and proletariat eat the crumbs The more decred you stake the more say you have.
cryptocasca: There's a cap though @ty13r on the ticket amount that can exist
ty13r: No That's what the sdiff algo does
cryptocasca: Well not a hard one Right
ty13r: I think that's nice though Anyone can participate at any time With enough funds of course
cryptocasca: That's not how he spins it. And we need to combat that mentality. He thinks if you're just a mega whale and buy a bunch of coins that you control the show. That essentially DCR is a system run by whales not people
davecgh: So, regardless of the specifics here, I think this is very likely going to be one of those cases where there will simply be a fundamental difference of opinion on the topic. While a lot of people love to rail on the rich as being evil (while simultaneously wanting to be rich -- the hypocrisy there is quite amusing), the fact of the matter is people with more skin in the game have more incentive to keep their stake more valuable. Loving it or hating it won't change the facts.
cryptocasca: Yes. I agree.
ty13r: Yep.
cryptocasca: I think the staking aspect is important here.
ty13r: But same can be said for PoW mining
cryptocasca: The locking up for 28+ days
ty13r: Buy more miners, you have more say. Well also just like PoW mining anyone can participate at any given time. And people are getting paid for putting skin in the game 142 days is a long time in crypto land Which is the period it takes for a ticket to expire.
dustinb: The problem isn't just that the rich have control, it's that the rich get richer. PoS is similar to compound interest.
go1dfish: the power over traditional bitcoins is in the mining hardware and that is not specific to the currency they back, which is why you have worries about bitcoin forks attacking each other
coin_artist: But also earlier contributors who earned decred build the grassroots community
go1dfish: @dustinb I think that’s a large aspecting driving anti-pos perception but it applies similarly to mining hardware
dustinb: Ya @go1dfish - the combination of long term staking + PoW changes things, I need to think more on it. Tendermint's solution has always been the credible threat of hard fork if anyone's stake gets too big.
go1dfish: but mining also ends up specifically favoring some people due to external factors like power pricing
davecgh: The other thing here is something which doesn't exist yet, so it's completely understandable why it's not considered, but there is a huge difference between hard-fork voting and proposal voting.
dustinb: Proposal wouldn't solve it. The non-majority would have to hf.
ty13r: I believe this is another reason why 60% of the reward goes to PoW
davecgh: Hard fork voting is changing the rules. It's the kind of thing where you could destroy the currency if you aren't careful. That, in my opinion, should consequently very much have a high barrier to entry. Proposals, on the other hand, should definitely have a lower barrier to entry and thus would be much more inclusive.
dustinb: Ya - that's the exact reason I like decred, save the hfs for the big stuff.
davecgh: These things are not the same and they shouldn't be treated as such. Again, this is my own opinion. I'm sure not everyone agrees.
ty13r: @davecgh but how will you differentiate them economically?
davecgh: e.g. you wouldn't need a full ticket to vote on proposals, but you would for HFV.
ty13r: You might split tickets 32 times, but 1 ticket is still worth 32 votes.
davecgh: On the HFV side, yes. However, you can count them however you want on the proposal side. It's l2. You don't need to weight them the same.
ty13r: So a split ticket weight might have the same weight as non-split ticket? But if that's the case couldn't someone stake their funds with splits to get more votes? Without some sort of identity system it seems difficult to prevent Sybil attacks in that case.
davecgh: I'm spitballing here, so don't take this as gospel or anything, but you could definitely look at the snapshotting tickets and see there are 40960 tickets in total and those tickets are split up such that there are 163,840 participants. So, when you do the proposal system vote, the majority is required to be X% of 163,840. Meanwhile, the on-chain HFV is still 1 ticket = 1 vote.
dustinb: I like making it difficult to hf, but is the goal to make it impossible? Not only does that goal technically seem unlikely but aren't there some advantages to hf when we have very serious disagreements within a network about how to proceed?
davecgh: It's not impossible at all. There is a very nice distribution of holders.
ty13r: We're referring to the proposal system vote right now
dustinb: ah.
ty13r: Basically the signaling mechanism for work and spending funds.
davecgh : The other thing to keep in mind is that the l2 system can be wildly different if we so choose. You can create HLTCs to locked up funds for "layer 2" tickets that can potentially have arbitrary division. You don't have all of the limitations as the on-chain system.
ty13r: The HF vote makes it real. @dustinb we just had what should have been a contentious vote that passed with ease surprisingly.
davecgh: Then, you still have demonstrable skin in the game, just much much less for participating in the lead-up to a hard fork. However, the actual hard fork vote, a.ka. the thing that actually changes the rules, will, necessarily, use the on-chain system. Again, I totally get this is rather abstract right now since it isn't fully built out and mostly just still in our heads.
ty13r: But doesn't attacking the l2 system pose a larger risk? Definitely :slightly_smiling_face: It's like controlling the seeds And the hf vote is like controlling when to harvest If the seeds never get planted there will never be anything to harvest I'm all in favor of lowering the barrier to entry, but increasing the favor of Sybil attacks seems tough to juggle if tickets can have a different weight on the l2 system.
davecgh: Well, people with more skin in the game will still have more influence. So, the majority would still win in that case. It just means it allows more inclusivity, which I think we all desire.
ty13r: Yeah I think that's fair. @davecgh so could the proposal system have completely separate tickets not related to the HF tickets? For example...
davecgh: If we so desire, absolutely.
ty13r: I have a bunch of decred that I'm not HF staking But there's a proposal vote going on that I want to vote for I lock up tickets in the l2 vote for a week (no reward) and get my funds back after the vote has concluded
davecgh: You'd need to think through the adversarial cases as we've done with the on-chain system in order to prevent the case where you vote, all of your locked funds immediately unlock, and then you dump. So, you'd want some type of randomness factor in there to prevent gaming of it.
ty13r: People HF staking still got to vote as well, but so did I without having to lockup my funds for a longer, unknown period of time. What do you mean by dump?
davecgh: However, from a pure perspective of whether or not it's possible, you can definitely have a different ruleset. For example, one of the biggest differences, everything else aside, is that the voting period duration will be much faster. Rather than taking a full month, only having 5 votes per block, etc, in the proposal system, the vote would go on for, say a week, and so long as you own a ticket, you can vote whenever you want within that period. Notice how that ruleset is entirely different already. I personally can envision a need for differing voting periods too. There will very likely be time-sensitive things that need to be voted on more or less immediately and maybe they are only 2 days. On the end of the spectrum, perhaps there are things that need longer than a week.
moo31337: murmurs something about how not interesting ticket splitting is
davecgh: By dump I mean something like "Lock up a bunch of coins, vote down some proposal, all of my coins immediately unlock, sell all of my coins". If you can do that, you no longer necessarily have any incentive to vote according to increasing your holding's values.
moo31337: you really dont want my raw opinion on it
davecgh: That doesn't apply to the on-chain system because you can't snap vote. Your coins are locked, potentially for months, and you can't influence when they unlock at all. So, if you try vote in a way that would decrease your holding's value, you would be doing so to your own detriment.
ty13r: Let's hear it @moo31337
Davecgh: I can sum it up easily!
ty13r: That's what she said
moo31337: @davecgh nailed it
ty13r: Yeah splitting seems like it has a lot of obstacles
moo31337: I super dont want to write that code
ty13r: @moo31337 assuming increasing the ticket pool size was easy (which I know it's not and could hurt the network) would you be in favor of that? Also increasing votes per block proportionately of course
jy-p: I wouldn't from a on-chain footprint perspective having a "ticket split" similar to a stock split would be a ton of work even having 32 split would lead to a massive footprint for offchain votes in the proposal system let's say you have 100 B for each vote in the proposal system, then take 100 B x 40,960 = ~4 MB for the proposal vote multiply that by 32 to get ~128 MB of offchain data to track for proposals this is one proposal too we'll be experimenting with ways to shrink this footprint soon, so this constraint may improve substantially with time
ty13r: Yeah and on chain votes are even bigger
jy-p: exactly imo, the real solution to the ticket price barrier is to allow tickets to be purchased via a variation on LN
davecgh: Agreed, and that's why I was talking about l2 tickets above.
ty13r: how do you keep people from getting more voting rights though?
davecgh: You don't. Just like in the on-chain system. If you're willing to lock up more funds, you get more influence. However, it allows "smaller fish" to participate too. They just have influence proportional to their stake.
ty13r: But if you own 51% of a ticket you can vote it however you want So you could turn 100 tickets into more tickets
davecgh: Oh, I see your confusion. Yeah, your talking about buying partial tickets. We're talking about just having more tickets period.
ty13r: Ahhh ok sorry So more tickets...but anchored through the LN
davecgh: No worries! Like I said, abstract stuff is always fun to discuss for this reason! Right.
ty13r: I like it.
jy-p: there are a variety of approaches we could take, e.g. fractional voting that is tallied via L2 and rolled into a single ticket we'll start with the simple stuff and see what we can get done first
davecgh: Yeah, one of things you guys might have noticed is we're pretty keen on taking things one step at a time. Trying to do everything half-assed at once is a recipe for failure, imo.
ty13r: So for example you'd have maybe 5 tickets vote directly on chain and 5 tickets vote via LN? Definitely agree with that
davecgh: It might look great on paper when you can tout via marketing that you have X, Y, Z, and a BBQ too! The reality is that if all of those systems are poorly implemented though, it isn't going to make it long term.
moo31337: 40k tickets ought to be enough for everyone one ticket one vote!!!
ty13r: Another reason why I advocate for this project is you guys spend the painstaking time to do things right. So I definitely appreciate the non rush to the finish line mentality.
moo31337: oh there is a rush we just tend not to compromise when it matters I think we need a code is boss meme
davecgh: Right. We do have quite aggressive timelines. However, as @moo31337 said, if we have to bump an estimated release date to make sure something is right, that's what we'll do.
jy-p: speaking of which, i think we're nearing time for 1.1.0 release. that will include the proposal system backend
moo31337: you don’t want my working hours and certainly not @davecgh hours; i dont think anyone understands how @davecgh puts 28 hours in a day
ty13r: I know you guys work your asses off. Feels weird when dave goes offline for a few hours honestly lol Feels like he's been gone for days :joy:
reddit thread suggesting name change appears
ay-p: Ahhh that daily "let's change the name" thread
jy-p: I'm 100% sick of these posts
ty13r: lol I was about to say the same thing
jy-p: "I know you're named john, but i think you'd sound much more attractive if you were named " look at the names of these other major projects - they are beyond retarded
go1dfish: you just know it’s going to be a popular proposal when that system is ready.
davecgh: I'm actually looking forward to that proposal. It will be voted down once and for all. Then, in the future we'll just be able to link to the failed proposal. No fuss.
davecgh: I'm never going to shop at Amazon because it has too much to do with rivers and jungles and women warriors!
jy-p: the word Amazon triggers me b/c of the systematic destruction of the rainforest there
moo31337: see my turquoise was dead on! colors are hip for branding these days and it has to be calming
go1dfish: I like the name I think where the branders can win the fight is in suggesting good unit names decred works as a project name, but it seems a bit clunky as a unit name.
davecgh: Well, we probably shouldn't be so dismissive, but after seeing the same thing so many times, it's kind of comical. What is especially funny is that if you actually followed some of the others that people now claim are "good" names, there were the exact same threads about them not being good names too. Now, they are magically good names though because they're popular.
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An insight from Captain Obvious (or, why decentralization is a red herring)

Plenty of people that own bitcoins are not operating a full node, and have no reason to. The chain data provided by (mining or non-mining) nodes is easily validated and crosschecked against data provided by other nodes. Any network condition that threatens the security of this model also threatens the security of all existing "traditional" electronic payments, only to a greater extent. (This condition is commonly known as a "Sybil Attack" in the Bitcoin world, but is more colloquially known as a "Spoof Attack".)
If there exists enough malicious computing power to spoof a false chain to a user client, there exists enough malicious computing power to perform an attack against an existing legacy system. Does a grocery concern themselves with the potential that their ISP could be hijacked and their POS system could unknowingly relay their customers' payment information to a thief? Of course not - yet the potential gains from such an attack are vast. So why do we worry about this with Bitcoin, where the potential gains to be realized from such an attack are so much smaller?
Mining nodes perform the vital function of organizing and relaying transaction data in a relatively immutable form. That data is relied upon by all users (even other miners) to maintain the system. Non-mining nodes relay and validate that data independently, but do not perform an additional security service beyond independent validation (which competing miners already do to/for each other). The utility of full, non-mining nodes is clear, but does not necessitate their existence or proliferation. The system works equally well with or without non-mining nodes - miners that compete have a vested interest in the system that outweighs the potential benefit of malicious behavior.
Therefore, the claim that a lack of (non-mining) full nodes leads to centralization is a red herring. Non-mining nodes perform no additional security functions that mining nodes do not. Simply put, to measure network centralization, one need look no further than this chart. The threat centralization poses to Bitcoin is embodied by a Sybil attack, and the insulation from this attack is squarely where it belongs: in the hands of miners. If GHash could be trusted to relinquish its majority control of the chain (which it did), why are we still concerning ourselves with this illusory specter?
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AMA Brandan Eich - Creator of Javascript, Mozilla Firefox & Brave Software in Ark slack

boldninja @brendaneich hi Brendan welcome to Ark slack - Brendan is the creator of JavaScript, co-founder of Mozilla / Firefox & Brave Software and today we'll host AMA with him regarding his upcoming project http://basicattentiontoken.org/ BasicAttentionToken
moobox i think i'm gonna forget about bitbay and keep it
dr10 hi brendan
brendaneich hi
dr10 nice to have you here :smile:
boldninja hi Brendan - thanks for joining us today
brendaneich happy to be here @boldninja
tranzer hi @brendaneich , I have a question regarding BAT. Will you have limited number of tokens or will you have inflation? When do you plan to start ICO? (edited)
michaelthecryptoguy Hello Brendan. Nice to have you in the ark community slack channel
mward Hello
moobox the ironies of old age. you can afford the sports car you dreamed of as a kid, but your back hurts too much to sit in it.
dr10 Will Mozilla- and Chrome-Plugins be usuable for Brave browser? Will Brave Browser be able to sync bookmarks?
mike hi brendan
cannabanana is the BAT token just an ETH asset or will it be a new blockchain technology? if the first, why ETH instead of your own block chain? :smile: (edited)
brendaneich @dr10 two questions, first one first
jonathansampson @dr10 Chrome extensions are supported today, I wrote a short walkthrough on how we (I'm an engineer on Brave) test extensions before adopting for official support. https://blog.brave.com/loading-chrome-extensions-in-brave/ Happy to answer any questions you may have. (edited)
brendaneich 1. Brave on laptop/desktop uses chromium and we support chromium extensions, but curate them into our own S3 from the Chrome Web Store ah, there is @jonathansampson on to second q
jakethepanda @brendaneich How will Brave detect bots designed to give fake attention? (edited)
brendaneich 2. Brave's client-encrypted sync is in beta now, if you use iOS i can connect you with the devs to get a beta build. it works between laptop/desktop systems already, and is coming up in Android too @cannabanana BAT is an ERC20 token on Ethereum. we need smart contracts and benefit from multiple token launches proving the tech and approach no desire to do our own blockchain
mward The BAT wallet will be implemented in Brave browser as a plug-in?
brendaneich we are pragmatists, use bitcoin already in Brave for auto-microdonations
cannabanana will you only accept ethereum for the ICO or will you also be accepting bitcoin?
brendaneich @jakethepanda please see https://www.reddit.com/BATProject/comments/61kw7f/question/dfxkuus/ reddit Question • BATProject We have answers, you may not be surprised by them: 1. Rate-limiting. Bots can fake human ad viewing (see https://whiteops.com/methbot), but we'll... @mward no, deeper integration than an extension (plugin still is overloaded for old-style stuff like Flash) can have
brendaneich @cannabanana ETH only, as BAT is an ERC20 token -- we are not launching a new exchange or anything, so other currencies have to be exchanged to buy BAT
boldninja When do you plan to start your initial token offer, will there be any hard cap?
jakethepanda @brendaneich Is this right? Users opt into the BAT system and get paid for their attention. Advertisers pay for ads with BAT. Through a smart contract, BAT is unlocked as users give the ad attention. The unlocked BAT is split up between users, Brave, and publishers.
brendaneich @mward we have BitGo provided bitcoin wallet integration in Brave already, ofc the wallet is on the blockchain not in Brave but the deeper integration is for the private, "chartbeats in your browser" auto-microdonation analytics, and the anonize.org-based ZKP protocol over VPN to communicate your donations w/o loss of anonymity or fingerprinting via the list of your top sites
@jakethepanda that is the goal but doing it with real-time BAT flow is in the future, the "Apollo" (or Mars mission) space program phase; we're in "Mercury Redstone" rn, monkeys in buckets on parabolic paths
nt91 When is ico
brendaneich @boldninja @nt91 we haven't announced the date but will very (very) soon, just getting logistics and final audits done
@boldninja cap is $15M of ETH so we have to pin the ratio close to launch given recent vol.
dr10 How will you get Brave Browser to the masses? Any marketing campaign you like to sum up? Any bigger announcement or plan?
jakethepanda How is the split determined between users, publishers and Brave?
brendaneich @dr10 we are growing, mostly organically right now, under 1M MAU but we will (in best case of crowdsale) spend more to growth-hack, which is advertising + funnel analytics / retention analysis loop
tranzer @brendaneich don't know if you have been following tokencard ICO, but they had kind of a fuckup with their smart contract, also they didn't give their address of contract literally before it started. How will you go about this? Will smart contract, address be known beforehand?
brendaneich an important point: if we hit cap we will found a trade group for attention apps and get other apps on board to use BAT and help us get to scale faster with buy side of ad-tech system, also with bigger donor cohorts via membership in trade association
nt91 Once launched how quickly isit likely to join the exchange
brendaneich @tranzer we followed that closely, it was Not Good. we are using a super-simple contract based on FirstBlood, Golem, StandardToken
mward How will you make the crowdsale? Like Gnosis? (Dutch action) The BAT token wil have fixed price at the time of ico?
brendaneich @nt91 can't say, not our biz and we are building the "in game" economics first so exchanges can come any time
brendaneich @mward fixed ratio of BAT for ETH
fixcrypt @brendaneich will all the tx recorded on eth blockchain, or will you manage some sort of payment channels?
dr10 Do you plan to integrate decentralized VPN or Tor-Like stuff? Your browser is really fast, will these things slow it down? Or didnt plan any of this?
brendaneich @fixcrypt all on chain, no preselling, no funny stuff -- we believe in simplicity first, given all the experience in this space
mike would you be interested in using a different blockchain to eliminate all the overhead of paying such a huge network of computers on ethereum to each process every single contract on each computer? (edited)
cannabanana I hope you guys will reconsider accepting more than just eth for the ICO. I have not been able to invest in any of the past like 5 good ones. There's a whole segment of people who wont touch ETH.
tranzer @brendaneich ok I know this is not about BAT, but did you know that Ark is built in JavaScript :smile: ?
fixcrypt @brendaneich how many tx are we talking about? 1 each time there is a basic attention detected? (edited)
brendaneich @dr10 we are going to do Tor private tabs, see https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/wiki/Brave-Tor-Support GitHub brave/browser-laptop browser-laptop - Brave browser for Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows, OSX, and Linux
we will make it possible to pick a region for exit node from Tor relay network -- so you can unlock region-locked videos, e.g.
yes, Tor slows things down and Tor private tabs turn on fingerprinting protection, turn off most JS, etc. -- that's a good thing
michaelthecryptoguy Very Nice!!
brendaneich @mike i'm a pragmatist and will use whatever blockchain is big enough, robust enough, has functionality we need (smart contracts, ZKP anonymity coming along, etc.). Zcash adding token support this fall, i hear. we don't multiply risk by jumping on bandwagons whose wheels are still off :wink:. we do not try 10 hard things at once -- space program from monkey in can to moon
@cannabanana we are launching an ERC20 token on Ethereum, you buy with ETH, we are not an exchange
the few launches whose contracts hardcoded a bitcoin address were launching exchange-like projects, so could take the risk
we are not doing that
separate concerns
@tranzer i heard :wink:
twitchard What do you think the adoption function for BAT looks like. Do you think there's a critical mass at which adoption will drastically speed up? Or do you think it is more gradual
brendaneich @fixcrypt no, in early phases of BAT program we cannot put each attention event on chain
obv. the chain is too costly, also: not anonymous! big tracking prob
fixcrypt agree
brendaneich we build in hybrid fashion
Brave already has anonize.org v2 ZKP integrated
requires centralized but open source accounting server
fixcrypt ah yes make sense
brendaneich we'd like someone else to run that (escrow, also could add exchange to fiat as publishers like being paid in fiat)
dr10 Can I visit websites, that block Users, that use addblock? Is there a way to work around this? Currently I use brave browser and some pages block me, because of using addblock. What is your solution to this or do you think these website will change their behaviour?
brendaneich if we can do server to client remote attestation (see https://www.npmjs.com/package/secureworker) we will npm secureworker Run JavaScript inside an Intel SGX enclave
jonathansampson @dr10 That's a bug; let us know which sites are detecting Brave as an ad-blocker, and we'll file Issues on GitHub. We're constantly making improvements in this space, and recalibrating as necessary :slightly_smiling_face:
brendaneich eventually it should all decentralize but that requires the blockchain (a blockchain; could be red-headed lovechild of Ethereum and Zcash lol) to do anonymity and microtransactions both very well
fixcrypt so payment are done on blockchain, but it basically validates on a daily basis a centralised payment channel between all stakeholders
mike like the chart on ad percentages of sites in the whitepaper. I've noticed for a long time the mainstream news sites are the worst to go to, a literal assault on the browser visiting them - have avoided going to them as a result, think you're on to something to mitigate this.
dr10 I visited a german boulevard magazine www.bild.de
brendaneich bild.de makes my eyes bleed
dr10 so normally this wouldnt be the case?
yeah its just an example lol
because I know they block addblock people
jonathansampson @dr10 I'll file an issue immediately!
brendaneich @dr10 we get around forbes, wired, latimes, many other anti-adblockers
michaelthecryptoguy Will these be done on a multi - channel?
brendaneich publishers who put up such user-hostile dialogs tend to lose alexa/comscore share
gotta catch up on the Qs
@fixcrypt next
tell me if i missed you
fixcrypt no pb
tranzer Haven't used Brave yet, might try after today, but is it same memory hungry as Chrome is?
twitchard :wave:
1nfinite concerning the ICO - will there only be one? meaning all 700m coins will be distributed through this initial $15m ICO (meaning $1 will net you about 46BAT)? sorry if I'm misunderstanding some of the info you've put out in asking this
dr10 What if I want to support Live-Streams (twitch) or youtube videos by watching their ad (which is not part of the brave system) Can I still turn off this mechanism?
brendaneich @fixcrypt yes, we buffer automicrodonations over 30 days of your uptime (varies by user; if you go on vacation those days don't count) and send Anonize ZKP votes (one per voting session, all over VPN) to our accounting server, along with the total bitcoin per 30 days you pledged. this goes into settlement wallet, the votes go into accounting db
we want to decentralize this as noted, just repeating in case anyone missed
fixcrypt decentralize this will be hard, maybe when segwit is enabled on bitcoin, but ETH, i have no idea (edited)
brendaneich @michaelthecryptoguy sorry, what did you mean by multi-channel?
jonathansampson @dr10 You can track the bild.de issue here: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/6758 (Thank you again for reporting) (edited)
fixcrypt i think decentralizing everything is not always the best solution
brendaneich @tranzer we use less memory than chrome by virtue of ad and tracker blocking but we have some bugs to fix pre-1.0 (which i think will be in june) -- i use brave on all OSes, also use a bit of other browsers to keep up with joneses but i've cut back and tried to live in brave. on macOS i am still bugged by mem use (i'm a tab hoarder) and some lag bugs but we are on them -- will fix this month!
michaelthecryptoguy one blockchain ledger with multiple transactions, instead of being signed one at a time (edited)
brendaneich @1nfinite yes, selling 700M, floating 300M on side for user growth pool (100M), trade association, team, and future reserve
1nfinite thanks!
tranzer so 70% to ICO and 30% for team / user growth? Sounds reasonable (more than gnosis :joy: )
moobox this is great to talk to brave devs - pls to make websites look like this: http://i.imgur.com/00mQ8mc.png (173kB)
brendaneich @fixcrypt you could be right, centralization or let's say trusted third parties have existed since at least agriculture (10K years?) so we as pragmatists must consider some -- but we don't like "trust me" / "don't be evil", we prefer "trust Math" / "can't be evil"
michaelthecryptoguy then the last transaction is added to the blockchain
dafty what failsafes are planned to stop bots (eg, running selenium) from mocking a real human and gaining bat tokens? how do you know a user is actually a user?
jonathansampson @moobox We will support themes in a future release, as well as extensions to modify page presentation. If you have any favorites, please let us know :slightly_smiling_face:
moobox thank you sir
michaelthecryptoguy to improve the cost of using eth network
dr10 There are lot of small companies, Twitch/Youtube content creators which live by ads. These ads aren't yet part of the Brave-System. Will there be a smooth transition? Can I still turn off the brave-mechanism and watch these ordinairy ads, to support individuals or are they forced to switch over to Brave?
fixcrypt @brendaneich trust the code that can be hacked, or trust the people that can be evil… Make your choice. DAO vs Banks
brendaneich @michaelthecryptoguy yes, we must batch -- at first in-browser. auditable open source required, verified builds if OS/toolchain support them. there is a level of endpoint software trust in any attention ecosystem but part of the trade association idea is to standardize stuff, including ZKP and VPN rules for submitting the private ledger to the blockchain or equivalent, also auditing requirements to use BAT
cannabanana I trust bitcoin but I don't trust bitmain is not evil
brendaneich @moobox are you just asking for a dark theme? on our roadmap
moobox well this is a plugin for firefox that swaps out all website colors - nothing like it for chrome yet except an ugllly one
brendaneich @tranzer yeah, GNO didn't sell enough IMHO but i'm not on team so won't throw stones -- just sayin' as observer
mward Why only 15M$ max? Don't you think the ico will end very fast?
moobox i am just hoping maybe some person sees it and says "i want that too"
tranzer @brendaneich are you still active in JavaScript development? Could there be any kind of cooperation with Ark in the future (also asking main dev of Ark @fixcrypt ) ?
brendaneich @dafty did you see the reddit link above? besides real (costs money, boots on ground; we're evaluating Blockscore rn) KYC, we have rate limits in mind based on humans, and flow limits so a compromised real user or convincing fraudster can't get $MMs of BATs from friends and family and then pass KYC to send off to a mixer
cannabanana :trollbounce: not to mention two of us are in the bay area
brendaneich start with in-game economics, no exchanges
1nfinite any chance you'll incorporate certain requirements for investments above xx number of Eth for the crowdsale? to prevent 20 big players from buying up the whole thing?
axente How are you guys legally setup? Swiss foundation?
jonathansampson @moobox We have heard similar requests from other users, and are eagerly working towards a release that supports both theming of the browser, and styling of the content. Let us know if you have any other ideas/requests :slightly_smiling_face:
brendaneich add KYC on publishers getting donations (done in prototype form in Brave using bitcoin rn)
add KYC for users wanting to withdraw -- this also means rate/flow controls
fixcrypt @tranzer well the only point would be to use ark as the payment network, instead of ETH, i don’t see any other interaction. Also maybe make brave agnostic enough so people can choose their network payment
brendaneich but for many users the opt-in zero-knowledge ad revenue is not enough to withdraw and they'll donate it
you can net-zero your monthly spend: make ad rev on non-top-20 sites, donate to top 20
I should add we want to start with user-private ad channels, like WeChat
we won't put ads on publishers's slots without their consent and partnership
some will come fast but bigs will be slow
so we're looking for user private ads: in separate tab, wechat-like bot, fullscreen channel, etc.
these can pay most rev share to user
still rate limited, no couch potato as a service lol
dr10 what about the twitch/youtube question? How could this work out?
brendaneich @dr10 we've always had a design that denotes payee with URL including path to youtube/twitch account, not just domain name
but we start with domain name for beta/MVP
will get team on twitch/youtube in coming months, it's hot topic
everyone wants it, we're just busy (24 people now)
crowdsale will help
can hire more to parallelize a bit
dr10 so you are working on a solution to pay off individuals within the brave-system, right?
@ yt / twitch
brendaneich @mward we debated cap on basicattentiontoken.slack.com and consensus was to keep at $15M -- but a few still suggest raising or no cap, much concern about fast sell-out and whales buying too much
mward yes, that is my concern.
look at gnosis distribution..
brendaneich @tranzer yes, i'm on Ecma TC39 and still active / consulted
mward you need a lot of small investors, not whales
dr10 When you implement Tor-like stuff. Can I also Download stuff via ToVpn? just using the Tor-Tab to download
brendaneich @1nfinite we aren't going to change the contracts, in third audit currently. we can't really limit whales who have tools to buy from lots of addresses
@axente we are not swiss but looking at tax optimization structures pre-launch; brave is delaware (US) c corp; trade group would be 501c6, need to pass IRS muster so that is many months after launch
axente Oke thanks
1nfinite got it, thanks. So will there be a cap for how much can be donated per address?
brendaneich @fixcrypt code is hacked, security never done; no silver bullets. but people are easier to hack and hack themselves lol
dr10 Is the brave browser running in a sandbox like chrome?
dafty how are inappropriate ads handled on the network, is there some form of reputation system for advertisers?
brendaneich @mward GNO sold too little, cetaceans eat too much agreed. GNT sold more and we can't find on-chain huge buys
@dr10 use Tor private tab, yeah
jonathansampson @dr10 That is correct.
brendaneich btw does everyone know Brave supports magnet: and .torrent now via WebTorrent integration?
@dr10 yes, we use chromium with the same sandbox -- had to fork electron hard (twice) to do this, btw. Slack uses unsandboxed chromium renderer processes :disappointed:
tranzer I think I'm sold on brave today will definately try it out
jonathansampson @tranzer Awesome. Let us know if you have any feedback!
brendaneich @dafty we haven't taken any ads at all yet so start from clean slate. no exchanges, ads bearing malware get thru, also https://whiteops.com/methbot fraud on sell side steals revenue by putting real ads into fake slots clicked by fake users whiteops.com Methbot | White Ops Digital Advertising Security. Enterprise Security Solutions. Bots are bad for business; we're bad for bots. (4kB)
our plan is to go direct to agencies who get ads from brands
our ads are opt in
no surprises for our users who want and expect baseline Brave to block
djselery @brendaneich what are your feelings about IPFS?
dr10 Will the Paying/receiving of tokens in the brave system be easy to understand for non-tech people? Is there some kind of tutorial or easy buttons or something like that? This is a total new environment for people. You have any plans for "educating" people or making it easy to use. Like a browser-integrated Balance? Easy overviews?
brendaneich if you opt in, you can start with light touch but to get BAT out you must KYC
@dr10 have you used Brave Payments (beta) yet? the support is built in
usable UX
tranzer will you need to do KYC also if you transfer to Brave and after that decide to put it out on exchange?
brendaneich we are moving (with new name, not "Payments") to second beta with Stripe as partner for users to fund automicrodonation wallet without seeing bitcoin
dr10 I have it installed and browse with it, but it is not taking me by the hand. I wouldnt know whats going it. I will look deeper into it.
brendaneich @djselery juan DMed me and we chatted about their JS implementation following WebTorrent into Brave -- it could happen. couldn't take the Go impl :wink:
@tranzer if you buy BATs as investor, no KYC -- just send ETH to token contract once launched, get BAT back
dr10 Maybe implementing something like a tutorial when starting brave browser would be nice. I am thinking of people who dont know any of this stuff and are not interested into researching it a whole lot
alexius89 @brendaneich are there partnerships with any exchanges (Bittrex, Bitshares etc.) planned or already confirmed after the crowdfund has ended?
geezee @brendaneich you should accept ARK :smile: :smile:
brendaneich @tranzer if you are a user of Brave after we launch BAT and have it integrated, and want to opt into ads, no KYC at first but the funds (to which you will have multisig custody, similar to bitcoin setup with BitGo wallet today in Brave for donations) flow in API-keyed and browser-automated fashion toward the accounting server that settles donations behind the anonize barrier
@tranzer if you want to send BATs from your wallet to other destinations then KYC needed
@dr10 go to Preferences / Payments; the Coinbase buy widget integration is US-only and a bit much for average users, wherefore our Stripe partnership
if you have BTC already, you can just fund your wallet and start
we have pinning (Patreon in the browser) in 0.15.2 now
so you can support sites with x% of your monthly budget whether you browse there or not
dr10 Will I earn more then I pay, when I chose to accept to watch these ads?
brendaneich @dr10 you don't have to pay at all, you can just earn
both donations (currently and in future) and ads (still to come, after BAT launch) are opt-in and separate
dr10 so basically what you say... the average dude can earn money just by browsing? It will be of couse small amounts, but better then nothing
fixcrypt @brendaneich on a business model side, is Brave team earning directly from this (ie part of the revenue redirected to the team for further development)?
tranzer Will bat have finitive coins and nothing added after few years or is there some subsection where you can increase token numbers via smart contract in the future ?
brendaneich @fixcrypt we are selling 70% and 30% floats on side. 10% is user growth pool. remaining 20% is reserves for team, bat.org (shorthand for basicattentiontoken.org; also have attentiontoken.org, attentioneconomics.org) and poss. user growth reserve
dr10 what if nobody choses to donate to pay money to the ad-publishers/BAT. doesnt the concept break down? I mean many people just want to earn. They watch these ads and get money.
brendaneich @fixcrypt biz model for Brave is not fundraising, though -- that's mostly burned down as non-recurring engineering, marketing (ads and growth hacking), etc.
biz model is small percentage (currently 5%) of automicrodonation gross, and larger (maybe 15%) off gross ad spend
these will be public numbers, we want transparency
if we do user-private ads, 85% of rev could go to user
part of Brave's brand is a set of promises: your data only on your devices in clear; we don't track, or store cleartext; rev share to you for opt-in ads at least as our share.
fixcrypt @brendaneich i see some maintenance with regular upgrades from chrome and advertisers relationship, so it needs a regular funding from transations i agree.
brendaneich @dr10 if everyone free-rides then system collapses; note this is risk today on Web, without Brave (which is small-share browser)
on Web today you can use a strong ad blocker like Brave, or Chrome+uBO+Disconnect.me
fixcrypt also will the revenue from donations will be contractual on the blockchain?
cannabanana do you have a contingency plan in case of critical ETH failure in the future?
brendaneich @tranzer contract is super-simple, we are making 1e9 BATs, no plans for more. can subdivide, expect appreciation but then use mostly as medium of exchange and unit of account, not store of value. don't want everyone hoarding. as with real world economies if everyone saved the system would collapse
michaelthecryptoguy for example the double spend issue like bitcoin had
dr10 What are your arguments for people donating for ads/keeping the money circulated. Why shouldn't they just cash-out their money?
Can you tell me an example of how much I would earn by browsing an hour? What is it depending on? Is there a good example to tell to people?
tranzer How are you going to counter exchange BAT price fluctuations? We all know tokens are highly volatile can go up 200% in a day or fall 50% in a day. How will you determine how much is someone paid ? Will you use USD value at time of contract with publisher / advertiser?
cannabanana @brendaneich wouldn't it be better to have a better distribution of BAT tokens during the ICO? currently in our environment with ICOs which have been selling out instantly is that there are like 10 whale ETH investors who get all the coins and hoard leaving out like 99.5% of the people who would have invested. (edited)
dr10 Dont know if I missed it. How much BAT will I get for 1 ETH?
fixcrypt @tranzer agree volatility is something advertisers don’t like (edited)
brendaneich @fixcrypt good q about transactional on blockchain, we do it all on bitcoin blockchain currently. we want transparency
have i mentioned ad tech is full of non-transparency, price gouging, etc.?
see http://digiday.com/marketing/proverbial-black-box-open-exchange-auctions-transparency-problem/ Digiday ‘A proverbial black box’: Open-exchange auctions have a transparency problem - Digiday Demand-side platforms are unclear about how supply-side platforms charge their publisher partners, and they can't tell if a bid price is inflated. (199kB) Yesterday at 6:00 AM
@dr10 we haven't pinned the ratio and won't till close to launch date in view of ETH volatility
we are raising $15M equiv
dr10 tranzers question is good
like to know that too
brendaneich @cannabanana global war, giant meteor impact, etc. -- "exiguous circumstances" -- leave us with no good alternative, i mean this in deep civilizational sense. BAT launch will be least of our concerns. Short of these, the risk to Ethereum is low. could have primal flaw in design exposed. would have to rebase on another blockchain -- would be hard, tons of risk
catching up...
cannabanana do you guys even believe in blockchain?
tranzer Rebase to Ark :trollbounce:
cannabanana ok, nm.
brendaneich @tranzer can't volatility hedge yet (gamma hedge) as far as i know -- anyone know diff?
@cannabanana i believe in blockchain -- as with standards, the great thing about blockchains is there are so many :stuck_out_tongue:
@cannabanana we see no whalesign in GNT; if you mean GNO, see above. they sold too little
cannabanana well I also believe but not in ETH so you are basically only allowing ETH believers to partake in your project
michaelthecryptoguy Wow!! You are doing great @ brendaneich :goodjob: In the dedication and effort department! ::ghostfaceuk_node: (edited)
mward @cannabanana you can simply exchange btc to eth for ico. After ico ends and you have tokens, sell them for profit :trollbounce:
cannabanana and many projects recently "sold out" within minutes by 2m equivalent single transactions
@mward I wont ever buy any eth ever
brendaneich @cannabanana we are not religious about it, as noted above: tokens on Ethereum are proven tech (still young, mistakes and latent bugs, risk for sure but less than alternative token/smart-contract platforms). we are using Ethereum for smart contract based tokens and that's it
cannabanana that's not the point
you still must believe in it if you are only accepting eth
brendaneich @cannabanana did you actually check "many projects" to prove whalesign? we looked at some and aside from GNO couldn't find it
cannabanana :slightly_smiling_face: g/l
brendaneich @cannabanana we believe stuff, yes; have to believe to get up in morning, do anything
cannabanana i've been following altcoins since 2013
yes, i've seen them sell out in minutes
brendaneich but we are not Ethereum true believers in some zealot sense
cannabanana then why not accept bitcoin for the ICO
because of hte risk you said.
brendaneich i will say ETH price rise is scary; but EEA (JP Morgan -- federal reserve founder!) backing Ethereum is huge
mike i had a very bad experience with HEAT using Ethereum, still have to pursue it to track it down - time consuming so have put it off. Used an online wallet, jaxx, i think, since installing and waiting days for blockchain was a lot more than i wanted to deal with. Maybe there are better alternatives now.
cannabanana sorry man, didnt mean to hijack your ama
brendaneich @cannabanana accept bitcoin how?
hardcode a bitcoin address in the token contract?
Zooko's XCAT scheme?
it's cool but no thanks
K.I.S.S. rules
we will not multiply risk (odds ratios) of independent events
that's a good way to die
cannabanana wow you are a jerkoff man
I just wanted to invest in your project
but wont touch eth
brendaneich i was at a startup before Netscape (MicroUnity), talked to Jim Clark when I got to Netscape. said "we were doing ten hard things at once that all had to work for success" and Clark said "odds were 1e-10!"
cannabanana good god, good for you man
1nfinite way to be respectful @cannabanana - just because of some feud you have with ETH, too
brendaneich @cannabanana i'm not the one calling names here
techbytes let's not digress... stay on topic please
brendaneich i do like XCAT, check it out. cross chain atomic transactions
1nfinite thanks for the transparency here and taking the time to answer our questions @brendaneich
brendaneich np
i think i'm over time
did i miss anyone's q?
dr10 dr10 What are your arguments for people donating for ads/keeping the money circulated. Why shouldn't they just cash-out their money?
Can you tell me an example of how much I would earn by browsing an hour? What is it depending on? Is there a good example to tell to people?
brendaneich @dr10 thanks
dr10 np :smile:
tranzer Thanks brendan for answering all of my questions - good luck with the project I'll be sure to participate
brendaneich if people see ads and cash out, the ad business is working and perhaps it dominates
moobox thank you for answering my questions also
brendaneich today's web relies mostly on ads, few paywalls and they convert poorly
i have a feeling with automatic, anonymous microdonations and payments we will see more of that and less reliance on ads
but cannot count ads out, for sure
mike any chance of eliminating the KYC so people can just withdraw their BAT and trade it?
brendaneich @dr10 comScore had a figure of 100 page views per user per day
devin Bitcoin is to slow
mike i don't see where kyc adds any value for the users.
tranzer @mike you won't need KYC if you are just going to trade as far as I got this (edited)
brendaneich assume we partner on one ad per page (just for easy math; i don't like this model and think user-private ad channel with one ad per day might be much better)
100 ad impressions per day, 3000/month, if $3CPM that is $9/month
twitchard Is there some way/what do you think would be the best way for developers interested in advancing your mission to contribute?
brendaneich if we put the ads in user private channel and share 85% to user, that is $7.65/month to user
$3CPM is low figure
dr10 CPM means?
mike like the idea very much over all.
noslawxtrafries cost per impression I believe
brendaneich it's an ad cost model: Cost Per Mille (Mille from Latin for 1000 impressions)
video ads pay more; not just CPM but CPX for X = watch a video by quartiles; watch to end; click on download promotion after end (usually game ad)
mike so KYC is just to withdraw to fiat, but to withdraw to an exchange or another wallet is unrestricted?
brendaneich @devin yes, bitcoin too slow; no privacy either (edited)
devin Screw bitcoin
I want a project that accepts both
brendaneich @mike KYC is required or fraud kills the system faster than regulators (who will kill it too) (edited)
@devin there are projects doing this but they are "upstream" of ours
dr10 What are your 3 major arguments for mass adoption of Brave Browser. - Some Slogan you would give to magazines, etc.
brendaneich Fast (3-7x, see next link), Private, and you get paid for your attention
but remember we want the 501c6 trade association if we sell out. BAT is for multiple apps
mike have you looked at Blockstack for ID as an alternative to KYC?
brendaneich more than Brave
@mike yes (I know founders and saw them recently); that doesn't help
dr10 yeah but Brave will be the flagship of BAT token, right? Or any other big vision planned? (edited)
brendaneich @dr10 Brave will be first, yes
eventually everything here should be a standard
nothing's proprietary
twitchard Could BAT be implemented as a plugin/extension to other browsers? (Would it be more practical to fork?) (edited)
dr10 good question
mike or is KYC just needed for a threshold to withdraw above. it does seem there would be a pratical limit of how much organic ad traffic a user would be exposed to.
brendaneich blockchain, ZKP, even functional specs for KYC, definitely payments -- all should be standards used by lots of apps and services and people
@mike please find "rate" and "flow" above
ryano Dpos is probably the best consensus approach for things like this
devin @brendaneich thanks
brendaneich @twitchard BAT in extension is unclear as extensions have limited APIs, and often must be loaded from a store that has rules
kik got thrown out of iOS app store for doing its own payments some years back
CWS kicked out Ad Nauseum
mike i can see where someting is needed to mitigate clickfarms in low wage regions.
brendaneich i'm half hour overtime so have to go soon
@mike yes, and sybil attacks to route funds to a mule
stuff like that
ryano Thanks for your time Brendan
twitchard Thank you
brendaneich np, it was fun (except for the jerkoff thing :-/)
tranzer Thanks good luck
dr10 thank you very much
ryano Let me guess canna ?
cannabanana lol
man I asked a legit question and got shit on
so fuck it
jakethepanda Hi everyone. As Brendan mentioned, he will be wrapping up the AMA. @brendaneich Thank you for your time.
1nfinite thanks @brendaneich , learned a lot just from the terminology you've been using. Will spend time looking into all this, but your project sounds great
ryano Still dude, it's not good if you are predictably the one causing trouble
brendaneich @dr10 here's the "Fast" money shot
cannabanana well some people can't all be agreeable
brendaneich uploaded this image: Pasted image at 2017-05-09, 10:33 AM Add Comment
ryano You are the only one where this is an ongoing issue
It's bad for our community
cannabanana no, it's not. it's good because I give a different perspective on things. I'm not like you and I don't agree.
you think the success of ark has been on the backs of all the "good" ones?
brendaneich @cannabanana us taking ETH and me giving the reasons why we won't multiply risk is not me shitting on you -- we will have to just miss out on you this time. i wish we could take multiple currencies but it's an exchange problem at this point. maybe XCATs help in future
cannabanana I asked a legit question about what if it fails. what about hte investors?
is that not a legit question?
cannabanana if you want me to put money in, I want to put in something I believe in
not something I dont
mike yes, if they want to stick with ETH, it's their call. Obviously plenty of ICOs have been successful with it, so it will continue in the future.
cannabanana consumers too, it's the same thing if it fails then the system is gone then the peopel who bought the bat to use are all out too.
brendaneich @cannabanana that's (https://arkecosystem.slack.com/archives/C41QFMCKH/p1494351381880292) fair and it means in a market, sometimes you don't make a deal -- you hold out for better product later (edited)
calling names and getting mad because someone won't do what you demand -- not fair. my 2 cents anyway
ryano You can't be calling guests jerk offs and trolls every time they don't tell you what you want. This is an ongoing issue with you. Nobody else here is lashing out at people except you and there are nearly 2000 people here.
jamiec79 oh lordy...
jamie exits the room quietly
cannabanana you know what nm
techbytes @brendaneich appreciate you stopping by today. Will put AMA on Reddit for others to find out more about your project.
brendaneich @techbytes thanks for having me
ryano Thanks Brendan
nt91 Brendan thank you for coming
ominous.shark Yeah, thanks for the AMA! @brendaneich ARK community appreciates it!
mike thanks for taking the time to talk with us about BAT, good luck with it.
michaelthecryptoguy :goodjob: Brendan and :goodluck: with the BAT ICO (edited)
boldninja Thanks @brendaneich - good luck with BAT
brendaneich thanks again
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Here is a fact: Never once have we broken 100,000 transactions in a day. The highest number of transactions in a single day was 99,419 on December 2nd, 2014.

Calling Bullshit on blockchain.info transaction data!
Data from the REAL blockchain shows we have yet to pass 100,000 transactions in a day.
It is really frustrating that the #1 source for bitcoin charts is consistently putting out false data, which is picked up by the press and spewed out as facts for the world to consume.
This is not about a Sybil attack, or about anyone creating transactions to inflate the data, it is about blockchain.info’s data being absolutely bullshit.
I’m all for celebrating milestones, and we are close to the 100,000 transactions in a day milestone, but lets celebrate when it actually happens.
Some background:
This all began when I started mining the bitcoin blockchain for data (not blockchain.info’s API, the actual blockchain).
I put together some cool stats and shared them here:
Based on the response to that post yesterday I published some charts and data on transaction volume here:
Then today I see this:
Basically someone sharing what they believe to be a milestone based on the aforementioned bullshit (and in this charts case flat out misleading) data from blockchain.info.
So, as I’ve actively got my hands in and mind wrapped around the real data I start looking around…
Posts like this:
And articles like this:
Have been all over the place recently and are absolutely, unequivically false.
This has to stop.
Doing a little more research it becomes apparent that blockchain.info has been notified literally hundreds of times about the inaccuracy of their data and charts.
We are in the midst of the evolution of the most transparent and accountable financial system the earth has ever seen.
Why do we allow a company in a leadership role in this space to destroy that transparency and accountability by publishing inaccurate data about the very system that made it a leader?
The Accurate Data and Chart
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Possible ATTACKS on BITCOIN! Sybil Attack - My Presentation What are Sybil attacks and why are they relevant to blockchain? The Sybil attack Do you REALLY understand Bitcoin 51% Attack? Programmer ...

Bitcoin Core has always avoided connecting to IPs belonging to the same ISP. Only very large Sybil attacks (5-10x more Sybil nodes than real nodes) have much chance of causing real problems. This is just some idiots paying a bunch of money to move a line on a chart. Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News. Advertisement; BTCm News; Contact us; Bitcoin Dad first // Crypto Trader // Podcaster // Blogger // Miner // +2,755% Portfolio Growth YTD // Podcast: // www.whatbitcoindid.com 5 Easy Ways To Lose Money Trading Bitcoin AndCrypto I started this blog to help people avoid the mistakes I have made trading Crypto. I get a couple of emails a day from people asking quest The IOTA Foundation--the non-profit promoting the blockless ledger system focusing on the under-explored but yet critical Internet-of-Things (IoT) and the machine economy, has implemented a reputation system used to identify trust nodes and arrest Sybil attack sfollowing the launch of Mana on Sept 28. The IOTA Reputation System ahead of… The Sybil attack caused an increase in Ethereum transaction fees and created congestion on the network. A reddit user has posted its analysis of what took place and is calling for individuals to join him/her in a class action suit that will be brought against the FCoin exchange. o The AI Machine Learning 3-Day Crypto Signal for BCH is … o As reported last week, accusations have reached FCoin ...

[index] [2564] [43680] [51091] [40493] [19040] [48729] [10934] [39449] [33508] [31702]


Sybil Attack in Online Social Networks. Robert Kiyosaki 2019 - The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR! Today's topic: Sybil attacks. These need to be understood in order to produce any kind of meaningful consensus system for an open blockchain. The bitcoin proof-of-work consensus system is designed ... Sybil Attacks are extremely common in the day-to-day world. They are happening all around and yet you may not even notice. How do blockchains prevent sybil a... Eclipse Attacks on Bitcoin’s Peer-to-Peer Network (USENIX 2015) - Duration: 27:15. ... What is a Sybil attack and how can it affect peer networks? - Duration: 1:36. Blockstack 7,528 views. 1:36 ... In this video I make some calculations about the costs of making a sybil attack on the Bitcoin network. If this video helped you and you'd like to give back ...