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[Hiring] Sesame the Bitcoin Cat - Trilogy

Hi there, I want to direct/produce a series of animations about a household cat who learns about monetary history and the banking system. Sesame (the cat) experiences conventional money through the perspective of an innocent, naïve, glass-eyed ragdoll cat. She will learn fast lessons about money, and the importance of privacy in overly dramatic and comedic ways.
The first project is: Sesame the Bitcoin Cat: Trilogy. Animated short. It will comprise of 3 scenes:
Scene 1 (2m30s): observes hardships, unfairness, tyranny in the world
Scene 2 (2m20s): works passionately, determinedly on coding Bitcoin, while observing wrongdoings in world
Scene 3 (4m00s): Observes humans as they figure out what Bitcoin, humanity harnesses the technology to free themselves from economic enslavement.
I was leaning in the direction of Hayao Miyazaki type artwork, but I'm open to different styles. Please send me samples of the style/artwork you intend to use for the following:
Opening scene: Track: L’indecis – Soulful Sesame is a disenfranchised 9-5 worker in the human world. Gloomy subway to work, armed police on corners of street, cameras and surveillance, monotonous office work. Things are seemingly great, but always catches a glimpse of other side the coin (ignored evils of world, poverty, racial profiling), existential dreads on way home, low-key balounge, passes out @1:50. Then as music changes @ 1:55, Sesame dreams scenes of economic collapse (2007-2008), protest, civil unrest, war, hunger, fade to black.
Interim scene: Track: Cyne – The Raven Sesame is Satoshi Nakamoto, discreet oversized hoodie and sweatpants look. Avoids noise of outside world, hunkers down in secrecy and begins coding. While she’s coding, scenes of unjust/wrongful things play in foreground (environmental waste, economic enslavement by banks, war, breaches of privacy), after each scene, Sesame is more determined, works faster, more furiously, a little angsty. Music stops. Scene ends with Sesame at exhaustion as she launches the Genesis block. (RIP Hal Finney).
Last Scene: Track: Kenichiro Nishihara – Believe (Cise Star) Sesame watches mankind, hidden away from plain sight as cats do. Watches small communities form to discuss and contribute to Bitcoin. Sesame wakes up looking forward for more progress, feeling hopeful and refreshed. Gloom fading from scenes. Watches communities grow larger, attends public events with larger crowds. Strength in numbers, watches Venezuela use and adopt Bitcoin. Scenes of unification of people, revolution without guns or violence. Sesame, satisfied with her life-work, nod of approval then transcends to spirit form.
The ideal candidate(s) for this project should share the passion in Bitcoin. If you have questions about Bitcoin, please contact me.
Thanks for reading, and I very much appreciate any feedback/enquiries. Direct messages to [email protected], or PM me.
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