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In Melbourne Tonight?

Why not come to a crypto party and help fly the Dogecoin flag amongst the Bitcoin masses? ;)
The venue, BTW, is The Bitcoin Group's offices in Southbank, where they graciously provide space to MBTC. And trust me, they throw GREAT parties! :)
To celebrate Australia’s first National FinTech Summit, ( the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center is hosting an after party tonight from 7.30pm.
The Space:
The Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center is a not-for-profit co-working space specialising in blockchain technology.
Since November 2014, the MBTC has sparked new business ideas through education and blockchain technology awareness programs. It's also a co-working space dedicated to fostering and evolving new ideas. We've been partnering with schools and universities and recently launched a blockchain education initiative which may very soon be included in a local primary school's digital literacy curriculum. The Space:
With a space of 600 square metres featuring; an events space for 60 people, a games room with a full-size American pool table, the worlds only Bitcoin Mining museum, an outside BBQ and bar deck, plenty of ideation spaces, a Bitcoin and Blockchain art installations and graffiti pieces, all visitors are sure to have a unique experience while visiting the space.
The party:
We'll be serving light food and drinks from 7.30pm onwards. If you need help with directions or would like more information, please contact MBTC Community Manager, Martin Davidson on 0409 830 536.
We look forward to see you!
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